Nerds love robots of every shape, size and denomination. We also love kaiju. When Guillermo Del Toro put both of those together in an apocalyptic 3-hour brawl, even the most jaded among us jumped for joy at the prospect. Naturally, a movie of its nerd-caliber is deserves at least one sequel.



For all its CGI splendor and its giant-sized choreography, Pacific Rim wasn’t quite the runaway success we thought it would be. Even before the original was done airing in theaters across the globe, NerdBastards knew that chances at a sequel were looking pretty slim.

After months of denying any rumors that Pacific Rim 2 could not secure a budget, Del Toro finally caved in during a recent interview with the Hollywood reporter. In it, the director admitted that he could not secure the budget from Universal Studios for his sequel and that ‘Giant Monsters VS Kaiju 2: Electric Boogaloo’ is… “off the table indefinitely.”


According to the director, Pacific Rim 2 was axed following concerns about its possible box-office yields by the studio. Which is a damn shame, especially when you hear what Guillermo had in store for it: apparently, the team would be a joint effects effort by the hotshot director and industry giant, James Cameron, with its effects developed through the latter’s own Lightstorm company. The two had previously attempted to collaborate on another project that was too good to be true, the epic 3-hour silver screen adaptation of HP Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness.

The script of ‘Pacific Rim 2: A good day to Kaiju Harder’ would have been co-written by Del Toro himself and the man who ruined Man of Steel, David Goyer. NerdBastards staff are divided on whether this would have been a good idea in the first place.   

However, not all hope is lost: according to the latest industry buzz, Legendary Pictures (the company behind the original movie) is possibly being bought out by a Chinese conglomerate. Why is this a good thing? Well, it turns out that Pacific Rim kicked all kinds of ass in the Chinese box office, so perhaps the new people in charge will attempt to cash in once again.

It’s a one-in-a-zillion chance, but hey.

A nerd’s gotta dream.

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