Did you know Kevin Smith is a comic book nerd? The evidence was everywhere from lines and observations in his films, to the fact that he owns a comic book store and hosts a show called Comic Book Men, but aside from his train wreck experience writing a Death of Superman movie script and his often talked about attempt to make a Green Hornet movie, he really hasn’t dabbled much in superheroes of the live-action variety. That will change though later this year, when Smith will arrive in Central City to tell The Flash what to do.

As part of the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour yesterday, the CW announced that life-long comic book enthusiast, comic book writer, comic book purveyor, and filmmaker Smith will be directing an episode of The Flash for later this season. All we know is that the episode will air in May, so it will be one of the final entries for The Flash’s second season. No other details have yet been offered like what the story might be, or who might be appearing in it. (The only comment Smith’s provided is a post on his Facebook page.) Whether or not Smith will bring Jason Mewes with him to Vancouver for The Flash also remains an unanswered question.

Of course, Smith brings a considerable about of practical knowledge on the subject of superheroes to this new gig, and while he hasn’t written specifically for The Flash comic, he did pen a highly acclaimed run on Green Arrow. He does also have TV directing experience on the CW though as he helmed the pilot episode of the acclaimed though short-lived series Reaper back in 2007.

The Flash returns next Thursday, January 19, at 8 pm on the CW.


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