Deadpool Movie Checklist: Tights…check,  Guns…check. Matching industrial set katanas…check Marvel superhero cameos…you bet your sweet hinny. If only we got a teensy bit more roundhouse kicking…oh wait. Now we do. Deadpool is kicking things up a notch in this new television spot that aired over the weekend. Go ahead and watch it, your boss isn’t looking and if he or she does catch you at it… blame us.

While most of the staff in NerdBastards spend their time going over the news about Captain America: Civil War with a fine toothed comb, a gung-ho minority among us are simply excited to get to see Deadpool‘s first big break on the silver screen. The hype surrounding Marvel’s most irreverent movie superhero is a fickle thing however and requires the occasional spark to stoke the flame.

Well you got more than your spark, fellow nerds. So ladies (and some men) gird your loins and do a flip! The brand new Deadpool TV trailer is go!

*tiny happy squeaking noises*

Deadpool is the role that Ryan Reynolds was put on this Earth to play. We’re just gonna say it now, Deadpool is going to be one of those game changing superhero movies that will be talked about years from now. Adam West‘s Batman movie made superheroes campy and fun. Tim Burton‘s Batman made superhero movies fun, fairy tale like, and semi-serious, Christopher Nolan‘s Batman Begins took superheros to that super serious place and real world like. Now Deadpool will take superhero movies into the land of “R” ratings. He’s gonna open the door for characters like Lobo and let the big two comic companies, Marvel and DC know that it is alright to go full Monty with their comic book characters.

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