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The Deadpool media blitz continues to build as the marketing powers that be over at FOX set their sights on making Deadpool a February blockbuster. The latest attempts to link Deadpool to Valentines Day are providing fans with some funny material in the form of posters and television spots. The latest TV spot, aired during the College Football Championship (Roll Tide!) game last night showed just the right amount of Deadpool madness that might just get some football fans into the theaters come February. If that wasn’t enough, now Florida has provided some additional Deadpool media material in the form of two Deadpool Hoodie wearing ATM thieves. Let’s start off with the tweets and new posters:




Deadpool as a date movie… just let that thought sink in. Surprisingly, it works, just look at how ripped Ryan Reynolds is and Morena Baccarin is smoking hot. There’s something for everyone:

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Now we can turn our attention to Florida, that wacky southern state that always provides the best WTF moments in America. This time around it is two Deadpool Hoodie clad robbers that hit a gas station and stole an entire ATM machine.


On Thursday, Jan. 7, at about 2:30 a.m., Deputies responded to an alarm at 4580 Grissom Parkway in unincorporated Cocoa. Upon arrival, the Deputies discovered that the front door glass of the business had been broken and the ATM Machine had been stolen.

When the police viewed the surveillance tapes they found two Deadpool Hoodie wearing men performing an ATM smash and grab. Of course one of the thieves had to show his face when he unzipped the hoodie for some reason…  seriously, wasn’t that the point of wearing the hoodies, so no one could see your face?

No report on how much money was in the ATM, but usually those machines in high traffic areas can hold from $50,000 to $100,000. At a recent sci-fi convention the ATM’s on the floor were stocked with $700,000 for the weekend.

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