While it may be the running joke about gamers, when new games come out, we can be a little forgetful about what’s really important in life. Everyone’s seen those meme’s about the poor girlfriend and her boyfriend who’s playing Fallout 4 and totally ignoring her. Those lucky enough to find a significant other that not only understands those tendencies, but helps us get past them, is one well worth holding onto. Imgur user is one of those lucky few, and he recently posted some pictures describing the fabulous Fallout 4 birthday gift his girlfriend put together for him.brace-yourselves-fallout-4-is-coming_o_5477135

He starts off his post saying:

Traditionally, instead of just birthday presents, my girlfriend and I take each other on a road trip. This one was short and ended at the airport parking lot. She handed me a box and said it was a clue to where we were going for the weekend. Inside was a Vault 111 suit she had made herself (you’ll see that later.) Spontaneous trip to Boston! Once we landed, I was handed this map. We had some locations to discover.


That’s right, she added all the Fallout 4 sites to an actual map of Boston and took him on a Fallout 4 Site Seeing Trip. What an incredible idea for a Fallout 4 fan. What you might have overlooked as well is that she made him a Vault 111 Suit! It even looks like he wore it during the city tour because at each location she had a card of the item he “scavenged” at that location and you can see his blue sleeve in the pictures.

The first location was:


Diamond City! Here’s what he found there:


Then they went to the library:



I tried to return my overdue books, but I don’t think I’ll be getting any rewards.



Across the street was the church:




Then there was the Freedom Trail:


Then the Constitution minus the rockets…


As a bonus, we tried to find vault 111! The wiki suggested this was the place based off the view of the city and the topography. The neighborhood is way, way nicer than the ’50s inspired homes of Sanctuary Hills. This is the path in the neighborhood that goes uphill to the vault.


There are more photos of the sites they visited at the Imgur post found here. They returned home where he “used” a work bench to turn those components he found on the trip to make this lunch box:


That had this in it:


Woo! That Xbox One Elite Controller I wanted!! They’re constantly sold out everywhere, I have no idea how she got one.

Now that is a nice birthday surprise. here’s a picture of the trip’s entire haul of goodies:


Now Valentines Day is coming up and this guy has his work cut out for him trying to top this great birthday surprise. One would imagine that a girlfriend that knows this much about Fallout 4 is geeky enough to enjoy a valentine’s dinner followed by a night at the theater… perhaps Deadpool?


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