Ash Williams: Groovy S-Mart employee with a penchant for boomsticks and mad DIY prosthetics skills. Also, unlikely hero from the sky, fated to stop the Deadite invasion. Pretty much the spirit of the 80’s b-horror movie flick. Lobo: Space biker with a short fuse, and an anti-grav motorcycle. Hangs out with a school of space dolphins. Has fought Wolverine and made it to the second round. Functionally immortal, with the capacity to infinitely reproduce from each drop of his own spilt blood. Each of them is a smug anti-hero with an almost fanatical cult following among the most gung-ho nerds.

Once, they were separated by vast gulfs of time and space, each occupying his Universe of origin. That is, until Brian Rosenthal, the director behind the 2013 fan film Marvel Zombies VS Army Of Darkness thought otherwise. After  holding his own against zombie-Wolverine and narrowly escaping a super-zombie infested New York,  Ash Williams has broken into a brand new universe, also overwhelmed by the undead and filled to the brim with horror-themed cameos!

Ash VS Lobo VS The DC Dead sounds like the kind of pitch we could only pull off halfway through a nerd party and drunk off our backsides: Ash Williams (played by David VonHippchen) and Gwen Stacy (played by Lindsay Croucher) break into DC’s Earth, bearing the terrible Necronomicon Ex Mortis (Babylonian book of the dead; bound in human skin; occasionally sentient) armed with nothing but a stolen Stark industries Repulsor Beam Gauntlet (R) and their own wits.


From the fan film’s YouTube Description:

Evil Dead and DC collide in this sequel to 2013’s “Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness” fanfilm. After narrowly escaping a zombie infested NYC and a pack of blood-thirsty (Marvel) superheroes, Ash Williams finds himself suddenly transported to a whole new universe. Can he stop the supernatural apocalypse?

It’s not long before Ash And Gwen cross paths with newest DC sweetheart, Green Arrow (played by Joshua Borcyk) and unwittingly pick a fight with Lobo (immaculately portrayed by Derek Russo). The movie features some pretty damn sweet zombie effects, more than competent choreography and the Most Powerful Weapon In the Universe and its unlikely newest wielder.

Now that the hype is slowly dying down, we should ask ourselves: does the fan film hold up? The answer is a hands-down…kinda. David Von Hippchen is a pretty cool Ash Williams substitute, getting the look and feel of the character down to pat and making up for the occasional flat delivery by the rest of the cast. Derek Russo‘s Lobo is funny as heck, even though he could have gone with a little bit less ‘death-metal’ voice dubbing.

From a technical standpoint, we consider that Rosenthal’s effects (practical and digital) as well as his costume work was downright impressive, especially when you stop to consider that the film was made for around 3,500 bucks. By comparison, Paranormal Activity only cost as much as 15K and that was supposed to be a major cinema release!

Perhaps the director will aim for something bigger and better, provided he doesn’t get stuck in legal hell for his work. We expect that with just a little bit more budget, he can make something bigger, badder and better (and perhaps secure some better casting while he’s at it).

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