The CW Flirts With Starting Its Own Streaming Service


Popular streaming services like Netflix and Hulu may be seeing some competition in the near future.  The CW, the network famous for its DC-related television shows such as Arrow, The Flash, and less recently Smallville may be getting its own stand-alone streaming service quite soon.  With the streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime outputting shows that are both critically and culturally acclaimed, as well as incredibly lucrative, it’s hard not to see the allure in the idea.  Could this be the end of TV as we know it?  Maybe…

According to a report in Bloomberg, CBS and Warner Brothers, the network’s owners, are considering a paid streaming service similar to the likes of Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.  The service would offer both live stream and on-demand viewing, at the incredible affordable tune of $2 or $4 per month.  Quite the deal.  This comes on the end of a four year deal with Netflix, as the network contemplates its options before renewing the contract.  Hulu’s deal, which offers on-demand streaming the day after shows originally air, was a five year one, so it would last through next year.

Of course, the network is looking closely at other options as well, so don’t get your hopes up too soon.  CW president Mark Pedowitz told reporters at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour that they were “exploring many, many, many of our options, and there are many entities who are quite interested in the CW product”.  They are exploring both internal and external distribution options and are hopeful that a new strategy will be in place within six to nine months.  The CW is perpetually trying to find ways to boost its ratings, as it currently sits in fifth place on the TV leaderboard, with 1.9 million total viewers.

Perhaps this inclination toward a stand-alone service explains the network’s new branding slogan: “Defy Your World; Live In Ours”.  They seem to truly be trying to create their own world.  And more power to them.  The network caters to the nerds far more than any other with both comic offerings and cult favorites.  The network currently offers a free streaming service that not only offers current shows up to the last five aired episodes, but also CW Seed, which offers full seasons of shows like The O.C. and Pushing Daisies.  With those services already in place it only makes sense to take the next step.  But when you can stream live tv through the service, as well as binge watch this series or that, will there even be a need to turn on the TV?  If this succeeds, it could mean the end of TV as we know it.  And you know what? That might be OK.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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