If Deadpool turns out to be a terrible, terrible movie experience, it will not be the fault of the marketing team who has put together what has to be one the best campaigns ever orchestrated to promote a movie. To wit, we’ve got a ton of Deadpool new for you today as we inch ever closer to the February release date, and this one is going to have it all: emojis, new ads, tweets, social media, graphic nudity, course language, and, you guessed it, strong violence!

The above image come courtesy of comedian/nerd commander Patton Oswalt, who shared it on Twitter earlier today, saying, “This idiotic/brilliant billboard is why I’m all in on the DEADPOOL movie. I’m an easy lay.” So if you’re in California, and drive around the highways, keep your eyes open for a giant billboard for Deadpool spelled out in emojis.

Speaking of social media, the Deadpool Twitter feed (via revealed that Deadpool is joining Snapchat. It’s a smart movie for a grown-up superhero movie to join the more grown-up social feed platform, right? Lots of opportunities to get naughty. I see Deadpool already has the right idea.

From the sounds of it, naughty is exactly what the finished Deadpool movie is going for. Ryan Reynolds and the filmmakers boldly said during production that they were aiming for a R-rated Deadpool, but the MPAA has released (via Comic Book Movie) the rationale for it’s now confirmed R-rating for the movie. Deadpool is rated R for “strong violence and language throughout, sexual content and graphic nudity.” Now you know what you’re getting into, and can be grateful.

And finally, here’s a new TV ad (courtesy of Comic Book Movie). It’s pretty much a remix of one of the previous trailers, but at this point, is anything going to dilute our excitement for this movie? Hardly.

Deadpool will be in theaters everywhere on February 12.

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