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Many have complained about the current lack of Star Wars toys featuring Rey. It’s OK, we found here via this cosplay display by MCubed. She’s a grade 10 even out of the box.


Because Magnets (and old guys in capes) are delicious, some cake artist made a cake out of X-Men villain Magneto. [GAS]


Ride off into the sunset (with a Taco in one hand and a sword in the other) with this Deadpool motorcycle jacket. [AngelJackets]


Turn your bread mixer into BB-8 with these decals, and maybe it will tell you where Luke Skywalker is…. or it will make you a killer batch of chocolate chip cookies, you decide what’s better for the rebel forces. The answer is cookies, it’s always cookies.  [Etsy]


TMNT co-creator, Kevin Eastman, unveiled a preview of newly designed TMNT toys to be hitting the market. It’s been almost 30 some years since their creation and over a dozen or so toylines, and the fab four still have gone without pants. Someone, give these guys some pants!  [Toyark]


Donnie Darko Frank The Rabbit slippers will have you saying “why you wearing those stupid rabbit slippers” to which a scary ass man-rabbit may respond “why you wearing those stupid human slippers”. [Firebox]


Julia Voth, the actress behind Resident Evil‘s Jill Valentine, has finally given in to fan requests and cosplayed her character. [FashionablyGeek]


Wearable Mega Man helmet, though it is not intended to protect your head from Woodman’s leaf attack (F*ck that guy). [ThinkGeek]

A Metal version of the Fall Out 4 theme. [EvilDucky Production]

Watch a time lapse video of this 6,000 piece build of a LEGO AT-AT (because ain’t nobody got time to watch this in real time). [BrickVault]

If Marty Mcfly had a modern day Hoverboard (man, we really gotta stop calling them that). [RocketJump]

At the Jedi Training Academy in Disney, some young Padawan completely forgot which genre he was in and Hulked out on Darth Vader. [LMG Vids]

Cosplay video compilation. Ain’t no party like a Star Wars party. [beatdownboogie]




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