Just when we thought we were done talking about NerdBastardsDredd April Fool’s Day Joke, they drag us back in! Word on the Internet is that the Facebook page devoted to getting a Dredd sequel, Bring Back Dredd, has expanded their petition to include a series by Netflix, HBO, or Amazon Prime. Perhaps our little April Fool’s joke that returned from the dead a couple of weeks ago and went viral opened some eyes to the potential of such a series. You can help out by signing the petition in the link below.dreddpetition22

Comic Alliance, whose writer admits he fell into the “gotcha” category of folks who saw the old April Fool’s Day Post (Which has a huge, bold disclaimer that was put on it a week after it was posted on April 1st, 2015 at the beginning of the post saying it is an April Fool’s Day post and isn’t real) is reporting that Frank Palmer who, along with Brian Ritchie,initiated the Dredd Sequel Petition, had this to say:

For a while now we’ve thought about broadening the campaign out – so with things having gone quiet on the possibility of a movie sequel, we’ve decided to take the fight to the TV producers who have done such good jobs with other comic book properties such as Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

We’ve discussed this with 2000 AD and they’re happy for us to shift our focus to campaigning for a Judge Dredd TV series in the style of the movie. We’re relaunching the petition and we call on all fans of DREDD to join 136,000 other people in calling for people with the vision and the finance to make it happen to step up and give us what we want.

In the next few days we’ll be organizing activities so that people can lobby companies such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO, and show their support as we all say – ‘Bring Back DREDD!’

Here’s the link to the Dredd petition page, you can sign up there. Once you sign up, an email from the site reports to have over 125,000 petitioners signed up. (Should probably update that email to 136,000.) The links on that petition site weren’t working when we tried them, but you can use the links we’ve put in the post to find the Facebook page and the Twitter page.

Really though, we don’t know if our little April Fool’s Day post had anything to do with this decision, other that get a bunch of people to think about the possibilities of such a series. When one looks at Daredevil on Netflix, Ash vs Evil Dead on Starz, Game of Thrones on HBO, it’s not much of a leap for a Dredd fan to imagine a series based on Mega City One’s top Law Dog.

So do your part and sign up to get Dredd back on the big or small screen, hell I’d take a well done web series right now.

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