One of the biggest questions left unanswered in J.J. AbramsStar Wars: The Force Awakens is the question of who Rey (Daisy Ridley) is and how does she fit into the Star Wars universe? We found out what she is, a highly force sensitive quick learner and plucky scavenger that can fight, shoot, and wield a lightsabar when pressured to do so. What we didn’t find out is just exactly where she came from, who are her parents, and why she was left by herself on Jakku of all places. It seems everyone has a theory or two and this NerdBastard is no different. Let’s explore one possibility that feels right.Rey-750x375

We should start with Rey’s Force Vision. Just like Luke’s Force Vision on Dagobah, while Luke had a vision of the future as a Dark Lord like Darth Vader, Rey has visions of her future and her past. It starts when she touches the lightsaber used by Anakin and Luke.

Now a lot of people are using this to say that Luke is Rey’s father. While that idea is compelling, I can’t help but think that Leia, Han and others that know Luke, including Kylo Ren would recognize her if that was the case. Especially Kylo Ren, he was after all, digging around in her head for information.

Let’s look at the vision for hints:

  • The hallway on Bespin (where Luke lost the saber).
  • Luke placing his hand on Artoo outside something that’s burning (his academy?).
  • Kylo and the Knights of Ren murdering some people, or really just stepping over people they just killed).
  • Rey being dropped off on Jakku as a young child.
  • Kylo coming at Rey in the snowy forest from the end of the movie.

First off, if the vision seemed intense, vague, misleading, confusing, or sudden, that was the point. The scenes shown were all filmed, some probably got cut and only portions put into the vision. We might get more of those scenes as the new trilogy progresses. It was designed to raise more questions then it answered.

One big question about the vision is this: Are those visions placed in a direct time line order, meaning did they happen in that order? It certainly seems that way, but don’t let the fact that the first and last seem placed correctly keep you from examining the other vision’s time placement, but let’s take this as the order in which these events happened.


That means that the scene with Luke is not at his Jedi academy, but somewhere else. Something bad has happened, we can tell that by the burning ash and the posture of Luke, he reaches to R2-D2 for emotional support as the droid is one of his best friends. A lot of people have taken this moment of Luke reaching out to R2-D2 as the moment he shut R2-D2 down, but I don’t think that is the case.

Luke at that time would have most likely be out searching for other Force sensitive people to train, that was his driving force. Gather those with the Force and help them become Jedi, to rebuild the Jedi Order. Now we’re going to speculate a bit, but bear with us. Luke senses a disturbance in the Force. He’s been practicing for years to better sense the Force in others, so perhaps he’s gotten better at it and doesn’t need a whole planet to die to hear a disturbance in the Force.

He searches for the disturbance, or the Force sensitive person he senses, and when he gets there he finds the place destroyed. Perhaps the Knights of Ren went there first, or some other agent of Supreme Leader Snoke. Did Luke already know the person or persons killed? That would explain his posture, you could just tell he was saddened by what he saw there was some feeling of attachment there. Perhaps he was returning to that person to try to convince them to join him in training other Jedi or help him with his problem student Kylo.

Could this have been another older Jedi that survived the purges? Perhaps a Jedi like Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels is destined to become. Here’s the real speculative bit.

Ezra Bridger (voiced by Taylor Grey) and Sabine Wren (voiced by Tiya Sircar) are Rey’s parents.


Those two are definitely moving towards a romantic relationship in Star Wars Rebels. Let’s say the do end up together and have a child. That child would most likely inherent Ezra’s Force abilities. The pair couldn’t continue to fight the Empire with a child on the way, and by that time they would have been fighting for a long time. Perhaps they thought they had done enough and deserved the life and safety of a simple family. Remember Ezra had that farm childhood and would probably want that for his child was well.


After Return of the Jedi, when Luke starts looking to Force sensitive people to start his Jedi Academy, he probably ran across Ezra at some point. Perhaps he’ll meet them before that, after all Princess Leia meets Erza in Star Wars Rebels episode A Princess on Lothal.

That means that Leia knew both Ezra and Jedi Kanan before she met Luke. She could tell Luke of them when Luke is looking to find Jedi that survived the purge.

So if we take all that and add it to the scene of Luke and R2-D2, did Luke arrive in time to save the child or did Ezra sacrifice himself to save his child by hiding her and fighting the Knights of Ren. Even better, perhaps Ezra stayed to fight the Knights of Ren while Saben escaped with Rey in the Ghost.


Here’s a look at the rear of the Ghost:

The Ghost from behind does look like the ship in Rey’s Force vision. One telling point, that it is not a memory, Rey see’s herself as a child in the vision. Unkar Plutt (Simon Pegg), the junk dealer on Jakku is holding her hand. Think about your own memories, do they include you in the picture?

Could Sabine and or Erza have taken Rey to Jakku to stash her while they went back to help Luke with the Knights of Ren? The story speculation this NerdBastard likes is that Erza dies fighting off the Knights of Ren while Sabine escapes with Rey to Jakku. Luke arrives to find the home destroyed, thinking Sabine and the child are dead as well. Sabine meanwhile knows Unkar from some past dealings and trusts him enough to stash Rey there while she goes back to find Erza. Things don’t go well and Sabine doesn’t make it back, leaving Rey stranded on Jakku.

This would tie together the animated series with the feature films. We’ve seen characters from the movies brought into the animated series, Lando, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, and others, it’s time for one or more of those Animated characters to make the move to the live action big screen. The voice actors for Erza and Sabine would be perfect to make that translation, a little makeup and they could easily pass for the older versions of the characters they voiced on the animated series.


Although they would have to be just flashbacks in the scenario we’ve set forth for Rey. The powers that be could still use Jedi Kanan (Freddie Prince Jr.) or Hera Syndulla (Vanessa Marshall), or the droid C1-10P- Chopper.

What do you think? Does this make better sense then Luke being her father, or that she is some Force reincarnation of Anakin, or the descendant of Emperor Palpatine? The only other theory that this NerdBastard likes is the Kenobi one. Could Rey be the granddaughter of Obi-Wan? Of course we’d have to have some way that Obi-Wan finds a lover and a child while keeping tabs on Luke on Tatooine. Perhaps the Obi-Wan movie or movies (cross your fingers) will address that.

Let us know who you think Rey’s parents are in the comments section below.

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