Deadpool is just a month away and that means magazine covers! This time Deadpool has taken over the cover of Total Film and we’ve got the cover images below. There’s also a Deadpool petition making the Internet rounds that was generated because of a young boy’s desire to see Deadpool and a mother’s inevitable parenting decision when it comes to “R” rated movies. 8-year-old Matthew wrote his mother a list of reasons why he should be able to go see Deadpool, chief reason being that he liked the trailer so much, the green band trailer that was widely released on television. Let’s discuss it all on the other side.PH9IcCnD8eNIcg_1_l

Here’s the Total Film covers, paper and digital versions:


Here’s a closer look so you can see the swords ready to go on the Grill.


That’s gotta be a nod to the scene on the bridge where Deadpool turns that guy into shishkabob.


Now let’s move on to the petition. Yes, ANOTHER petition… these are like the new door to door salesman of the Internet age, there’s always one knocking at your door and they never really deliver anything they promise. Seriously, when is the last time you actually had evidence that a petition about a television show or movie that worked? Yeah.. I thought so.


Well, little Matthew does deserve his opinions so let’s hear him out.  Matthew says he is a huge Deadpool fan, but we’re wondering how that is. Does he read the comics, perhaps he’s seen Deadpool on the Animated Spider-man series, or is it just the trailer that has Matthew so keen on seeing the movie. If his mother takes convincing to let him see the movie, one would think she would also have the same response to the comics, so it’s looking like that green band trailer is what has Matthew hyped up.

Matthew’s desire to see Deadpool and his reasons why he should are cute, something the Internet loves so it will get that go around at least. The petition currently has just under 2,000 signatures as this post is being written and should continue to grow through the weekend.

There are some flaws in the logic of this petition though that certainly doom any hopes it might have of getting FOX to release a PG-13 theatrical version, the first being that it wouldn’t cost FOX anything. Besides the fact that the release is only a month away, the costs of editing down the film and distributing the film would most likely not be recovered by the younger audience that would attend the screenings.

The best and only hope this petition might have is a PG-13 version included in the Deadpool DVD/BluRay release or that some major network will cut a television version that can be aired on one of the major networks in a few years. Other than that they can forget a theatrical release.

While Matthew might be the seed of this petition, Grace Randolph, host of Beyond the Trailer Youtube channel is one doing all the work on the petition. Instead of a petition it should have been a GoFundMe or other cloud based fund-raiser to gather funds needed to cover the costs of FOX making a PG-13 version in the editing room. That might actually get something done.

Here’s the video announcing the petition and the link if you want to join the others asking for a PG-13 cut.

There is a lesson to be learned here… sometimes you just don’t get what you want. While Matthew’s mother won’t take him to see the “R” rated Deadpool, we’re sure Matthew can sweet talk his Grandma into taking him.

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