First we were told we’d be getting to see The Punisher as a supporting character (played by Jon Bernthal) in Daredevil‘s second season, premiering Friday, March 18th. Then, rumors started swirling that Netflix and Marvel were interested in pursuing a standalone series based on the troubled comic book character. According to TV Line, not only is the rumor true, but developments on the series are now underway at Marvel!It seems that Bernthal is to thank for bringing The Punisher back into the limelight. His portrayal of the character was so impressive that producer Doug Petrie said this in a recent interview with EW:

“Viewers watching the show will be rooting for this guy with a gun but we’re also going to force people to second-guess themselves. Taking lethal justice into your own hands in America in 2015 is tricky s–t.”

Jeph Loep, Executive Vice President at Marvel TV echoed Petrie’s sentiment in his own interview:

“Jon Bernthal has succeeded in his quest [to not screw up the character]. His Punisher is extraordinarily memorable, in every way.”

The portrayal of The Punisher is extremely important. As Petrie brought up, this character is a big hulking guy with a gun who hurts a lot of people, although it’s in the name of justice. It’s crucial that the audience is on his side instead of just being plain scared of him. We have to be able to see that broken side of him, his vulnerability, as well as his hard exterior.

Marvel has yet to confirm or deny the news, but if it’s true, The Punisher will be the sixth Marvel series making its home on Netflix; joining Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders.

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