Lemony Snicket’s (AKA Daniel Handler) A Series Of Unfortunate Events told the tale of the recently-orphaned Violet, Klaus and Sonny Baudelaire, as they were left to the custody of their wicked uncle, Count Olaf and his nefarious schemes to pretty much murder the children, in an attempt to get his grubby hands on their fortune. The series (appropriately) spanned across 13 books, with the siblings dodging past some increasingly elaborate Bond-villain traps, schemes and plots, as they struggled to put together the mystery behind their parents’ untimely demise.

Netflix has recently announced that they are intending to go ahead with a full TV series adaptation for the whole family, while trying to keep its pitch-black humorous appeal intact. They even went so far as to cast Mark Hudis, True Blood’s previous show-runner in the role of the arch-villain Count Olaf. However, in light of his recent (so far unexplained) turning down of the role, Netflix went ahead to cast another to play of the most memorable attempted child-murderers…

Neil Patrick Harris (of Doogie Howzer and Jeanne D’Arc fame) has been cast in the role of Count Olaf, following the relatively recent cancellation of his show, Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris. For any readers worried whether the actor will be able to pull-off an ultra-creepy but also memorable villain, we would like to point you to Exhibit A, that one time when he played a weirdo ventriloquist with a murderous dummy for 3 episodes in American Horror Story: Freakshow, making him the only good thing about that show to begin with.


To compliment Harris‘ weird streak, Barry Sonnenfeld (producer of The Adams Family values and MIB, among many other weirdo movies from your childhood) is still on for the series’ production. Interestingly, Sonnenfeld was supposed to also direct the original Series of Unfortunate Events movie, but was turned down at the last minute. Daniela Handler, the series creator, will also participate in its development.

So what do you think? Is the series going to be as good as it deserves to be, or will this end in another straight-to-small-screen flop? Let us know in the comments!

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