20th Century Fox‘s “R” rated superhero movie Deadpool starring Ryan Reynolds in the role he was put on Earth to play,has suffered a major Box Office setback after the censors of SAPPRFT, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of China denied the film screening rights in China due to its violence, nudity and graphic language.


China, the second largest movie market, could have brought up to $100 million in Deadpool box office in Chinese theaters, Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man earned $96.4 million and $105.4 million during their screenings.

In most cases, Chinese film authorities work with studios to cut out the offending material of “R” rated movies to produce a cleaner version that is acceptable to China’s censors. THR is reporting that sources are saying:

There is no clear ratings system in China, no blueprint to follow, the Film Powers that be in China, (SAPPRFT) make a yes/no call on all films imported into the country. While many thought that the Marvel gravitas surrounding superhero movies would get Deadpool past the censors, even with the movie’s more adult content and tone, those hopes were dashed after the SAPPRFT decision was revealed.

What happens now? This shouldn’t affect the release of the film, film’s usually don’t hit the Chinese market until much later than other countries. That does give 20th Century Fox some time to make a new cut, even if it takes reshoots to do it.

The announcement of the China ban might be seen by many younger Deadpool fans as the silver lining in that dark cloud. There’s a petition to make a more youth friendly PG-13 version for younger fans. This might just be the only reason a PG-13 version is cut. If 20th Century Fox goes this direction, that version could screen in other countries as well. At the time of the THR posting, 20th Century Fox had declined to make a comment.

There are certainly a lot of meetings, phone calls, and other things taking place over at 20th Century Fox right now, this banning in China is not something that can be ignored, and some solution must be worked out.


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