First off, congratulations making it past the headline. Lesser nerds balked at the challenge. Secondly, there will be no more terrible puns found here (read: there absolutely will be). There are only a couple months left before the infinitely dense singularity that is Man of Steel explodes into what will become the DC Extended Universe through the event known as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. One particularly exciting bit of material to be spewn forth from this great expansion is Wonder Woman. One third of DC’s big character trio (along with Batman and Superman) will receive her introduction in Batman v Superman and then go on to star in her own movie next year. Indeed, Wonder Woman has been filming since November and there are now fresh pictures from the set!

Wonder Woman is being directed by Patty Jenkins and is her first, and only other, big studio film since the critically acclaimed Monster. Gal Gadot stars as the titular character along with Chris Pine as the love interest, Robin Wright, Danny Huston, and Connie Nielsen, who was recently confirmed as Wonder Woman’s mother and Amazon Queen, Hippolyta. The movie is rumored to switch between Wonder Woman’s home of Themyscira, the modern day mortal world, and the mortal world during World War I. Without further ado, the pictures:









As you can see, Wonder Woman has her sword and shield, although not her full costume. These shots appear to be from the WWI setting. Chris Pine is there, some old lady who’s about to be run through, and a boom mic that presumably won’t make it into the final cut of the film. All in all, it looks like a fun time. Fans will most likely get a better idea of the movie when a sneak peek is aired tonight, Tuesday, January 19 during the 9:30 PM ET time slot on the CW. This will surely be the first of many glimpses to get fans feeling good about the movie before it hits theaters on June 23, 2017. And when you’re feeling so good, you know it’s gotta be (Robin) Wright. Boom! Surprise pun ending!

What do you think of these shots? Are you excited for Wonder Woman?

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