Last week, the world lost a music legend that can never be replaced. For some, there will be no greater musician than David Bowie. There is absolutely no denying the musical genius behind Ziggy Stardust.  Bowie was more than just a haunting voice and a pretty face, however.  The man was also an all around entertainer and anytime he happened to show up in a film, his acting chops were on full display and even at his worst, Bowie stole every single scene he ever laid down on celluloid. Of the films in which he lent his presence, there is none more cherished and beloved than the 1986 Jim Henson classic, Labyrinth. Well, Screen Junkies will be Screen Junkies and this week, they have decided to give this beautiful film the Honest Trailer treatment. Don’t worry, fans of the film (so, really, everyone) will likely be very okay with the final product. Really.

Jim Henson's Labyrinth

This is usually the part of the piece in which the subject movie is discussed but, really, if you haven’t seen Labyrinth, there is no adequate description. Go out and buy, don’t rent, this film and watch it immediately. Don’t worry. We will wait.  

Everyone caught up? Good! Now, the film is wonderful and more than a bit entertaining but, if someone were to look at it with a critical eye, there is no denying that there are a few…Well, “flaws” may not be the right word…”issues” that…Actually, why bring down sulfur from a vengeful yet newly-haloed David Bowie when the people over at Screen Junkies have already said all there is to say on the subject? Take a look.

As Honest Trailers go, the approach to Labyrinth is much softer and respectful than expected. Not to mention, as usual, Screen Junkies really has it right.  Still, it may not hurt them to sprinkle a bit of holy water and salt around their headquarters. Just saying.

What did you think of the Honest Trailer? On a scale from “Casper” to “Amityville Horror”, how haunted do you think Screen Junkies’ headquarters will be after this one?

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