Dawn Of Justice hasn’t even been released and it has already been a point of contention, lots of hype and a torrent of fan speculation. Obviously, Warner Bros have a heck of a lot riding on the spanking new DC Movie Universe that they are going to throw at us and it seems like they are already pulling all the stops. Already, the new Suicide Squad trailer is ready to hit the Interwebs and the Cartoon Network animated seriesDC Films Presents: The Dawn of the Justice League is about to prep us for the next big-budget incarnation of the Justice League of America.

In a concerted effort to get the hype-train rolling into full speed, Warner Bros has gone ahead to reveal their concept art for their new Justice League, as well as to present the full roster and look of Earth’s Bravest and Boldest.


The superhuman ensemble will include Superman (Last Son of Krypton masquerading as Henry Cavill), Batman (part-time crime fighting billionaire Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Themiscyran Warrior princess and Gal Gadot alter ego), Aquaman (Crown King of Atlantis, moonlighting as Jason Momoa), the Flash (Fastest Man Alive, cameoing in Dawn Of Justice as Ezra Miller) and Cyborg (Transhuman Crime Fighter, posing as mild-mannered actor Ray Fisher).

But where’s Green Lantern? We hear you crying out. Apparently, GL is going to follow his comic book path and pursue a spinoff movie, titled Green Lantern Corps. Keeping in mind that the last bit of concept art featuring Aquaman also included the cryptic slogan “Unite The Seven”, we are guessing that Hal Jordan won’t tarry too long before he makes the cross-over, just as soon as he is done saving sector 2814 once again.


Of course, seeing as how this is concept art, perhaps superheroes will not look as cool as they appear during the screening. This is, however, not the most important thing eating away at DC fanboys everywhere. Even as we titter in glee, most of us recall the sub-par handling and presentation of Man Of Steel and the worrying news about the possible cluttered mess that Batman V. Superman might turn out to be. Pessimists among us simply shrug and accept the fact that they are going to just have to let the Marvel fanboys win. But a few optimists among us still trust in the Silver Age paragons and hope that they might just give us more than our money’s worth.

So do it, DC. 

Make Movie-Earth great again.

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