The best night of the week is back tonight as The Flash races back to the CW with new episodes, and the continuing adventures of the Scarlet Speedster of Central City. When we last left The Flash before the holidays, the Weather Wizard and the Trickster tried to ruin Christmas, while Barry’s girlfriend Patty struggled with putting a cap in the dome of the Wizard, who killed her father. Heavy stuff, but not as heavy as Joe finding out he has a son he never knew about, and then having that son suddenly turn up at his front door. And that’s where we ended things for 2015. Where are we going now? Here’s a new teaser.

It seems that the show is going to spend a pretty significant amount of time on Earth-2 in this next phase of the second season with Evil Caitlin (Killer Frost), Evil Ronnie (Deathstorm) and all the wonderful strangeness of an alternate dimension. It seems very Fringe this teaser, referring of course to that show’s two-part second season finale when the characters make their way to the Red Earth where technology is slightly more advanced on a world ravaged by Fringe events.

Of course, Earth-2 in The Flash has been ravaged by Zoom, who seems to turn up in tonight’s episode as Barry struggles with the decision to whether or not tell his girlfriend Patty that he’s the Flash. Not sure what he’s worried about, he seems to take off the mask with reckless abandon nine-and-a-half times out of ten. Also interesting, is the return of another speedster, the Reverse Flash. How is he back after being wiped from the timeline at the end of season one? We’re looking forward to finding out. It’s been a long month since we’ve gotten new Flash.

The Flash returns tonight at 8 pm on the CW.

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