Last night’s Dawn of the Justice League special was full of new tid-bits for the observant DC Comics fan. Before he special aired DC revealed the new Wonder Woman movie logo on Twitter, during the special they also revealed the logos for The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and the Green Lantern Corps. You can check them out after the jump.


First up is the Flash logo, while still years away from the March 23rd, 2018 release date, it’s nice to see some work being done on the character. It’s gonna be hard to win over all the Grant Gustin fans from the television show. They rightfully think that Gustin should have been given the movie role after his success with the television show.


Next up is Aquaman. Jason Mamoa hits the big screen on July 27th, 2018 as DC’s King of the Seas.


Then comes Cyborg on April 3rd, 2020. While most people know him from his time in the Teen Titans, will fans be ready to see him all grown up and serious in Justice League? He’s a great character and it will be interesting to see how DC makes this transition from the well know comic book and animated character to the big screen version.


Last, but not least is Green Lantern Corps hitting theater screens on June 19th 2020. After the last time a Green Lantern hit the big screen back in 2011 and made a splat sound at the Box Office, you can expect this Green Lantern Corps movie to be highly scrutinized by fans and critics. Once Deadpool hits theaters we should all let Ryan Reynolds off the hook for his role in the Green Lantern movie… it’s time to heal the wounds.


Well, what did you think of those new logos? There’s certainly enough there for the savvy Internet Nerd to totally form their opinion of how the movie will turn out…

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