DC is on the brink of unleashing the DC Extended Universe on the big screen, but they’ve been killing the direct-to-video animation for a while now. In 2014, DC released the hard-hitting Son of Batman, which was generally well received. It was followed in 2015 by Batman vs. Robin. This year, the animated series will continue with Batman: Bad Blood. The main voice cast is back, including Morena Baccarin who seems to be vying for the crown of Queen of All Nerds. There is new information about this explosive movie, including a sneak peek at the first six minutes and news of a well-known character from Batman lore who will be introduced in this movie! Needless to say, spoilers ahead.

Batman has gone missing and Kirk and McCoy- wait a minute, that’s the wrong… Okay. Batman has gone missing and it’s up to a plucky desert scavenger and a rogue stormtrooper to- hold on. Sorry… Okay, here we go. Batman has gone missing and Nightwing and Robin are aided in their search for him by Batwoman and Batwing. This story promises to be an action-packed extravaganza, but the real news is a new character who will be revealed at the end of the movie without any dialogue, ostensibly giving a clue as to where the future of this animated continuum is headed. And that character is-


Batgirl! Yes, this movie is just bursting at the seams with bat-themed superheroes. The film just became available on Digital HD and will be available in physical form on February 2. To tide you over until you get your hands on it, or perhaps to help you make a decision about it, watch a sneak peek of the first six minute of the movie here. It’s pretty rowdy.

Sorry. That’s the wrong Bad Blood. Here you go; this is the right one:

Fans of the Batman animated continuity should be ecstatic about this new movie and the fact that DC seems committed to continuing the series.

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