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Throw your hands in the air because The Flash is back! It’s as if it never went on a winter hiatus. The moment the clock struck eight here on the East Coast, things got back to normal and people needed saving again. This week’s episode, titled “Potential Energy,” provided some answers to questions that were teased before the holidays. And while things seemed to be going okay on the surface, it seems that people have been holding back a lot of feelings and other secrets.

As usual, if you haven’t seen this week’s episode, this is a warning to let you know that this article may contain spoilers that your brain will not be able to handle. So if you don’t want to be bummed out by knowing what happened before you watch it, then look away. But if you’ve seen this week’s episode and are ready to discuss, then keep going.


As usual, when we finally catch up to Barry, he’s late again for another date with Patty. When we last left Barry, he was thinking about telling Patty his big secret. When he finally meets her for their big date, things take a quick turn because Zoom shows up to snatch Patty away. Barry then races after them only to find Zoom dangling his girlfriend from a rooftop. Then, all of a sudden, Zoom drops her, and Barry is left to watch as Patty falls to her death. And as quickly as patty hits the ground, Barry wakes up in a cold sweat with Patty right next to him. It was all a dream.

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Back at the lab the crew has gotten together to go over a potential idea that may finally get Zoom. Also known as Cisco’s White Wale, the Turtle is a meta-human who has the ability to slow everything around him. If the team can figure out how he’s able to manipulate the area around him, they may be able to adapt his power in a way to capture Zoom. The trick, though, is to find a way to capture the Turtle. It’s too bad that Barry can’t get close enough.

The team get’s another shot when the Turtle makes an appearance at a local art show to steal a painting. When the Turtle realizes that he’s been made, he proves to be a tough match for Barry, and the speedster ends up getting pinned under a very big chandelier.

Sadly, this makes this a little awkward between Patty and Barry. Back at Patty’s apartment, Barry tries to apologize for “leaving” her, but she’s had it at this point. In an all too familiar tone and speech, Patty tells Barry that he needs to figure things out. It’s too bad he’s a superhero in disguise, trying to save everyone. The good guys just can’t catch a break sometimes.

Meanwhile, it looks like Wally West has become the speedster many thought he would become. But by speedster, the writers meant NASCAR driver because Wally drag races to make money. When Joe confronts him about his secret life, Wally turns things around when he admits to racing because it helps pay the medical bills that Francine has accumulated from being sick.

The Turtle makes a move when he pays Patty a visit in order to drag out the Flash. With the help of his friends, they discover that Patty is being held at a library that was recently closed down and run by the Turtle’s ex-wife. Barry races over to save Patty, but not before the team reminds him that they still don’t know how to overcome the Turtle’s powers. But Barry can’t sit around and leaves.

During his first attempt, Barry gets caught in the slow-time bubble that Turtle emits and proceeds to get his face punched in. After a quick regroup, Barry races outside to get a running start. He quickly runs back in and overpowers the bubble that Turtle has made thus throwing him into a wall and knocking him out.

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Wally returns to the West home to retrieve a sweater and tell Joe that he’s going his own home. Joe explains that he should apologize for pushing the whole “father and son” thing and realizes that all that time missing really did a number to Wally. Maybe quickly becoming father and son wasn’t a great idea. One step at a time.

At the CCPD, Barry catches up to Patty and tries to apologize once again. Patty, though, has some bad news. She’s leaving Central City…and Barry as well.

The end of the episode brings a familiar face running down a quiet neighborhood street at night. It’s Eobard Thawne, aka The Reverse-Flash. He’s come back to town, but something seems a little off. He’s supposed to have died last season.

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This week’s episode started with a bang. And by bang, I mean did anyone else get worried that Patty was going to fall to her death? Keep in mind, that Shantel VanSanten didn’t have her contract renewed causing a lot of speculation as to what will happen to her character. So while she didn’t fall off any buildings, she sadly mentioned to Barry that she was leaving Central City…and everything that came along with it.

It’s a shame, not only was Patty Spivot a great girlfriend to Barry, but she was a great character as well. She added some quirkiness that no other character had, and was another strong female lead that many could look up to. But if she had to move on, the way she did in the show made perfect sense. She had accomplished all that she wanted and more. Spivot was ready to move on to greater things and make a name for herself.

Interestingly enough, Spivot in the comic books is already trained in CSI. So there could always be room for her to come back. Could you imagine as several seasons pass by and then all of a sudden Patty Spivot walks through the door as the newest member of the CSI team? It’s well known that Barry and Iris get together, but this is a television adaptation. All is fair in love and war.

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So how about that great father and son reunion between Joe and Wally? It seems that the love connection may have been a bit rushed. But did anyone else see that resolution coming? You have to admit, there should have been yelling, screaming, and maybe some tears when Joe found out Wally had been drag racing. Instead, it was Joe who was apologizing. Kudos to the writers for bringing forth another side of the argument. One that many may not have realized existed.

It’s characters like Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) who make story telling interesting. No one wants to see a perfect character. In fact, those characters are annoying. But broken characters, people with problems…audiences want to see what becomes of them. Will they get the answers they’re looking for? Will they get the love they deserve? Why do you think the Kardashians are so popular? It’s because people want to live vicariously through them and see if something good becomes of them.

Not to compare Wally to Kim or Khloe, but audiences are going to want to see what happens to Wally (and Joe). Will he become the hero that many think he’ll become? Um, he’s named Wally West for a reason…

Finally, the award to best villain thus far goes to the Turtle. He may not be Zoom, Reverse Flash, or King Shark, but his powers were pretty awesome. The best part was seeing the Flash running into his slow-time bubble. It’s been the best visual from any character so far in the series. Plus the Turtle was played by sci-fi alum Aaron Douglas who is best known for his role as Galen Tyrol on Battlestar Galactica.

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Once again, it’s another solid episode from the fine folks over at The Flash. It’s hard to believe that there’s this incarnation will be separate from the cinematic universe. The show has done a great job so far of telling a coming of age story. And it’s only season two.

Next week fans will look forward to finding out what Eobard is doing back in town. And hopefully they’ll get more answers to what exactly is going on with Jay Garrick. His relationship with Caitlin Snow is still a little awkward. Anyone agree or disagree? Maybe it’s a lack of chemistry or maybe it’s just too soon. But if the writers keep going with it, something needs to be done, because it’s the only thing that seems to be troublesome with the show.

Potential Energy” overall grade – A

The Flash airs every Tuesday at 8 PM EST on The CW.

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