Growing up, Disneyland was one of the greatest places on Earth to visit. Even as a grownup, it’s still one of the best places to take a vacation. Now swarms of sci-fi and Star Wars fans will be calling out sick for their chance to visit the newest expansion to Disneyland – Star Wars Land. Aside from some concept art that was previewed at the D23 Expo 2015, the public still doesn’t know what’s in store for them. Today, though, a possible layout for the Star Wars expansion of the park has been released. And from the look of things, it looks big.

Without further ado, here is what the new Star Wars Land expansion will look like:

star wars land map
Now, the map is not quite to scale, but if you compare some of the other lands to Star Wars Land, it’s about the size of multiple lands put together. Several things come to mind here. First of all, Star Wars Land is going to be a real treat for fans. According to the report, some of the attractions won’t be just 3D rides that people sit in. These could be real rides with a heavy animation element involved. Also, take a look at that Battle Escape Attraction. Here’s a small description as to what fans may expect.

“The largest show building in the land, for the headliner battle escape attraction coded named “Alcatraz” at WDI (get it?), will dwarf even the largest backstage buildings for Anaheim’s other massive E Tickets like Pirates, Indy or Radiator Springs Racers.”

The second thought that comes to mind is, “Wow!” Disney has pulled out all of the stops in regards to this Star Wars deal. No expanded universe, a new trilogy with new stories in between, and now an expansion to their park in California. You could say that this was a really smart business decision.

Keep in mind that this map is an unofficial map, so things could change between now and the opening. Speaking of which, Disney is aiming for an opening sometime in December of 2018. A more concrete date will be announced closer to the end of construction.

On a final note, other reasons to be excited are rumors of Poe Dameron’s black X-Wing fighter that will greet people at one of the entrances to the expansion as well as a life-size Millenium Falcon that will have an “opening and closing main door and aliens/troopers will be walking around asking people if they’ve seen anyone leave the ship.”

Source: Slashfilm

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