The sixth season of Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick‘s The Venture Brothers hits Cartoon Network‘s Adult Swim at midnight February 1st… or is it midnight January 31st… always get that confused. Which ever it is, there’s a new extended trailer for the long-awaited season six and we’ve also got the official Adult Swim recaps for seasons 1 through 5 brought to you from the bedroom of Henchman 21. Cue the Villain Costume Change Montage Music!


Here it is in all its glory.. the extended season six trailer:

Oh, it looks like the long wait may have been worth it. Finally The Venture Brothers are back and it looks like we’ll be seeing a ton of Marvel characters skewered upon The Venture Brothers comedic grill as the gang moves to New York.


Although Think Tank might be the favorite and next Dragon Con Cosplay for this NerdBastard.


Think Tank… BRILLIANT! Obviously a riff homage to MODOK. If you just watched the extended trailer and have no idea what the hell is going on, perhaps you need to refresh your Venture Brothers memories. These two season recaps with Henchman 21 should do the trick.

Well, now you should be up to speed and ready for season six. It’s been a long wait, but Hammer & Publick has always delivered some fine entertainment when push came to shove.


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