Civil War

If you are reading this web site, it can probably be easily assumed that you, love your action figures, and some of the finest in recent years have been coming out in conjunction with Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. As we stare down the barrel of Marvel’s Phase 3, Hasbro has finally revealed their line of Captain America: Civil War action figures, and conspicuously missing from the heroic lineup are fan favorites Ant-Man and Spiderman who are tied up in business limbo with Sony. However, it seems that Hasbro has learned from the mistakes of toy lines past, because yes, Virginia, there is a Black Widow figure this time around.

Hasbro has finally given us a look at several toys with the addition of a Black Widow figurine to the Marvel Avengers Titan Hero 12 inch line, both 3.75 and 6-inch Legends Series figures and a 2.5-inch Miniverse two-pack series of figures. Of course, since it is technically his movie,  Captain America with Motorcycle will be available as well as Falcon with Flight Tech and Redwing, which will not be an actual falcon, but instead will appear as a robot drone. There will be new additions to the Marvel Legend 6-inch line, including Captain America, Black Panther and Iron Man.

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Hasbro’s Captain America: Civil War Miniverse 2.5-inch Figure 2-Pack Assortment line has also been expanded to include one of our first looks at Crossbones packed with Captain America, Falcon and War Machine, Hawkeye and Black Panther, Iron Man and Black Widow as well as Winter Soldier and Vision.



Cap and the gang will be competing for you dollars in the toy shelves against another big comic book blockbuster this spring, Batman Vs Superman. It should be interesting to see how this battle spills out at a toy store somewhere near you. But enough about what I think, what say you? Will you be shelling out the dough to pick up a few of these, or are you planning on giving them a pass?


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