Tonight, Legends of Tomorrow will debut on the CW, the epic new entry into the DC TV Universe that started with Arrow and continued with The Flash. But what if I told you that Legends is the fourth series set in this world. Vixen, based on the DC Comics superheroine of the same name, launched on CW Seed last year as an animated webseries, and like any good Arrowverse show it included guest (voice) appearances from Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin. But could Vixen, and voice actress Megalyn Echikunwoke crossover into the real world of Arrow and Flash? She will, and she has, and here’s the first photographic proof.

Amell posted this to Twitter yesterday just in time for the winter premiere of Arrow.

That’s Echikunwoke clearly in her Vixen costume even though you can’t see the whole thing. When will Vixen appear on Arrow? It will be episode 15, which is set to air on February 24. It’s called “Taken,” and right now, that’s about all we know about the episode, which is understandable because there’s still four episodes between then and now. This is just a guest, but we can assume that Vixen will be using her particular set of skills to help Team Arrow…

UPDATE: has the first production shot of Echikunwoke as Vixen:


If you’re unfamiliar with Vixen, she was first introduced in 1981 in an issue of Action Comics. Her power comes from the Tantu Totem, which gives her the ability to mimic the ability of any animal that’s ever lived on Earth. Based out of Detroit (on the webseries at least), Mari McCabe uses her powers to fight crime as the superheroine called Vixen. Apparently, part of the deal for Echikunwoke, who fans may know from roles in The 4400 and The Following, in giving voice to Vixen, is that she would play the part if the character made the transfer to live-action.

Arrow airs Wednesday at 8 pm on the CW.

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