Its hard to believe that Labyrinth, the Jim Henson directed fantasy movie that introduced me to recently passed David Bowie, turns 30 this year, and to mark the occasion, Tri-Star Pictures and The Jim Henson Company has decided to reboot the franchise. And despite the coming uproar over the idea, the project has announced that the movie will be penned by non other than one of 2014’s biggest surprise hits, Guardians of the Galaxy.

THR broke the news earlier this afternoon that an agreement was reached and Nicole Perlman was officially attached to write the screenplay. However keep in mind that this is far to early to tell what direction the movie will take, a remake, a sequel or a re-imagining. Lisa Henson, daughter of Jim Henson, will produce, and Nicole Brown is overseeing the project for Tri-Star.

The original has now become a beloved classic but originally bombed at the theaters. Labyrinth was the final movie to be directed by Muppet creator Jim Henson, working from a script by Monty Python alum Terry Jones. The film was a mix of human and fantasy puppetry about a young teenage girl named Sarah, played by Jennifer Conelly who wishes her young brother away to a goblin king from her favorite book, played by the late David Bowie.

Sarah must work her way through to the center of his labyrinth to save her brother and along the way meets many of Henson’s finest creature work. The film has reached a cult status as one of the finest fairy tales ever set to film and the timing of the the serious push of  the project, or at least the timing of the announcement seems suspect, but after many serious attempts to get the ball rolling on a long planned sequel, it seems to finally be catching steam.

Bowie was loved by critics and subsequent fans of the film for his seductive and terrifying portrayal of Jareth, the Goblin King and will always be remembered for being one of the finest artists of his generation. As a bit of a tribute, check out The Magic Dance by Bowie from Labyrinth.

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