If you were wondering if Zack Snyder‘s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was trying to squeeze years of setup work for a DC Cinematic Universe into one film.. you’d be right, but perhaps we won’t see everything in this first film. There is the full on Justice League movie to think about. Justice League: Part One is due November 17, 2017, and a just released image from BVSDOJ has let the Big-Villain-In-Justice-League cat out of the bag.

*SPOILER WARNING – If you click-through the jump, it’s all on you. We warned ya!Last Chance to avoid this huge spoiler….

Well, here it is:


What exactly are you looking at? The huge Omega symbol burned into the ground. That’s the calling card of one of DC C0mics biggest and baddest villains…


The rumors and speculation began when those flying soldiers showed up in the second trailer.


Everyone immediately thought of Parademons, the shock troops used by Darkseid to carry out his will.


Parademons are usually the first wave of a Darkseid attack, they are genetically created or altered Hunger Dogs (people who live on Darkseid’s planet Apokolips), cannon fodder used to soften up Darkseid’s enemies.

Just who is Darkseid? There might be a few of you asking so here’s the 411 on Darkseid. Straight from the DC Comics Characters page:

Some villains want to increase their financial standings. Some want to best their enemy in battle. Others want to take over a country and a few even desire to rule the planet. One stands above them all. One whose ambition extends beyond simply conquering the world. One that doesn’t want to rule humanity—but all of existence. He is Darkseid, and when it comes to villains in the DC Universe, it doesn’t get any bigger or badder than him.

Darkseid wants to rule everything… he’s been searching for the Anti-Life Equation that will allow him total control over the minds of every sentient being in the universe.


Now that most of the Justice League movie characters are using the New 52 designs, we should expect Darkseid to look something like this:


It’s not too much of a change from his old school look:


Just how powerful is Darkseid? Well these panels from the Justice League should tel you all you need to know:

Yep, Darkseid knows how to make an entrance. The Justice League will have their hands full keeping up with Darkseid. Batman will have to use everything in his utility belt to save the day.

The Omega teaser image comes from the Empire magazine issue with this Jim Lee cover:


Do you think director Zack Snyder, who is slated to direct Justice League: Part One,  and company can pull it off and truly deliver a Darkseid that will chill fan boy hearts and put the Justice League to the ultimate test?

Better still, who do you think should play Darkseid?

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