Warner Brothers has released a new trailer for Zack Snyder‘s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice that includes new footage and a look at Joe Chill, the man who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents. There are a couple other images in this new trailer that pose a few questions about the film and how those fit into its story line. Let’s take a look and discuss it.Before we take a closer look at some of the questions, here’s the new trailer:

Some interesting stuff in there. So Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) flies commercial or business class… no personal, invisible jet yet.


Perhaps she is trying to stay under the radar. That airliner is supposed to play a pivotal role in the story line. Could this be where Wonder Woman says enough is enough with the whole Batman v Superman fights and steps in to put a stop to it?


While this isn’t an origin story for Batman or Superman, looks like Snyder couldn’t help slipping a little change into the movie version of Batman’s origin. Tim Burton made the pre-Joker criminal Jack Napier (Jack Nicholson) kill Wayne’s parents, Christopher Nolan returned to the comic book version with Joe Chill and Zack Snyder seems to be staying with that origin, but changed the race of Joe Chill. Sounds like another Internet Outrage Event in the making.


Let’s get back to that note Bruce Wayne receives that seems to push him over the edge to take on Superman. Interesting that the lettering and style seems to match the message written on Robin’s costume. The Joker is everyone’s best guess for the killing of Robin and the writing on the suit, but did he write this note?


One could easily make that jump, but it doesn’t really fit the story line we know so far. More likely, Lex Luther wrote, and had the note delivered to Bruce. Manipulating the behind the scenes steps to put Batman and Superman at each others throats.


Remember these guys? It always bugged this NerdBastard, it’s not something we would expect Superman or Clark Kent to do, build an army of soldiers who kneel and follow his orders. It is just the kind of thing that Lex Luther would do to make Superman look worse than he is to the public and Batman. Those kinds of private armies cost money, and Clark certainly isn’t independently wealthy enough to hire, equip, and train an elite force, but Lex Luther certainly is. It wouldn’t surprise me if these guys suddenly stop taking orders at some point, and receive an “Order 66” from Luther.

This movie seems to have a hell of a lot going on in both story points and characters. Will it suffer because of the amount of heroes and villains in the film? Will it be too much in too short a span even for a long movie?

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