DeLoreans Are Coming Back In Your Future


Probably the most iconic image folks have of the Back to the Future films is that of the 1982 DeLorean, made famous by the films in the 1980s.  Like many, you have probably dreamed about owning one of your very own.  If so, your dreams could be coming true in the very near future.  The sleek and modern vehicle is headed back into production after a 35 year hiatus, albeit in limited quanities.  Stephen Wynne, British entrepreneur and CEO of DeLorean Motors has announced 300 new cars will be availabe, hopefully by the beginning of 2017.  Sure, there are technically still original models lying around, but they are refurbs.  These new ones will be brand spanking new.

DeLorean Motors was moved to Humble, Texas in 1987 from Belfast, Northern Ireland, but since then the factory has only been used to refurbish pre-existing models.  Wynne currently has dozens of cars there.  Some are owned by the company, and others are shipped there from all over the world for some fixing up (although you have to add your own time machine).  But after decades of only performing repairs and modifications, the assembly lines will be churning again.  Slowly, but surely.  The federal government has approved a low volume bill and Wynne estimates there are enough materials left to build around 300 new cars.

Now, don’t get all twisted up by the term “new”.  The company isn’t trying to fix what isn’t broken, although it would certainly be interesting to see an updated model.  They’ll be making around 300 replicas of the 1982 model.  For the first time, DeLoreans will be made on US soil.  And sold for around 100,000 US dollars.  If that sounds a little steep, remember that there are plenty of wealthy fanboys and girls around the globe ready and willing to pay that fee.  Just think of the bragging rights.  But there is also the option of buying a refurbished model.  In 2007 there were an estimated 6,500 still around, and they tend to go for the more reasonable price of $45,000 to $55,000.  Better get that crowd funding campaign going now.



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