Marvel’s Most Wanted sounds like a promising name from the get-go. Perhaps it can use its more street-level premise to cover some of the budget issues that Agents of SHIELD faced and perhaps it can use its premise to its advantage to deliver a grittier, but far more focused show at the same time. So far, we know that the spin-off will star last-minute Super Soldier Serum dropout Mockingbird (Adrianne Palicki) and on-and-off again anti-hero Lance Hunter (Nick Blood), as they go off on their very first mission.

But there’s one extra bit of good news, as a Silver-Age staple character will also be making his appearance in the show’s pilot…



Dominic Fortune will be one of the major players in the show’s pilot, played by veteran actor Delroy Lindo (of Blood & Oil and Mountains of the Moon fame). In case you are not familiar with the character, Dominic first appeared in Marvel Preview #2 on August of 1975 and was penned by Howard Chaykin. True to form, the writer created another flamboyant character with a penchant for getting into fights and losing, only this time, he also made sure to misplace Dominic‘s moral compass. As a result, the acrobatic adventurer for hire has worked as a Chaco War mercenary, moonlighted as a bodyguard, foiled Roosevelt‘s assassination while trying to get back with his ex and was later dropped from the Super Soldier program for being an incorrigible rake.

Since then, Dominic has occasionally re-surfaced along with Nick Fury for that elusive ‘one last job’ and has gotten himself involved in fights against Nazi superhuman remnants, the occasional pow-wow with ICON and a few tragic personal incidents. We believe that if the writing team decides to tap into not just Dominic‘s roguish personality, but also keeps in mind the character’s deeply troubled past and his relatively recent losses according to comic book canon, then Delroy Lindo will be an exceptional fit for the character.

What do you think? Can a silver Age superspy make it in today’s gritty superhero adaptations?

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