If you want to play something strange, who you gonna call? Well, if you’re playing LEGO Dimensions, pretty much anyone you want it seems. Fancy a batshit mashup with Doctors Who, Brown and Venkman? Sure! While you’re at it, why not throw in Doctor Harleen Frances Quinzel, MD aka Harley Quinn, for good measure? You may as well drop Marty McFly and The Joker in the street to look on as well.

Each of these characters can be played as it’s own level in the LEGO Dimensions core story game and there is also a free-play Adventure World that can be unlocked using any relevant LEGO Dimensions minifigure. But it’s the full expansion packs that will allow you to fully realise bonkers scenarios like the one above.


The Ghostbusters Level Pack includes a “Spook Central Adventure” where you’re tasked with saving New York City. Included are a Proton Pack, the Ecto-1, Peter Venkman minifigure and a Ghost Trap with all these also unlocked throughout the full LEGO Dimensions game.


Splash out on the Doctor Who pack and you’ll be able to play the “Dalek Extermination of Earth” mission and unlock the 12th Doctor LEGO Minifigure. In a wonderful bit of game design, playing as the 12th Doctor and being defeated results in you being regenerated into the First Doctor; you then continue to regenerate through his various appearances until you are 12 again. Further, the TARDIS interior reflects each regeneration. Or if you have a favourite, pick that.

Finally, spend your hard-earned on the Back to the Future pack and get a Marty McFly LEGO Minifigure, the DeLorean and “A Hill Valley Time Travel Adventure” mission. There is also bonus content in the Doc Brown Fun Pack which gives you the Doc Brown LEGO Minifigure and a rebuild-able time travel train from Back to the Future Part III.


It’s hard to believe that it was only a few short years ago that the the LEGO company was on the brink of bankruptcy and ruin. But they embraced their inner nerd and saw exactly what it was that made their product so popular for so long and then went on to fully exploit it, building with “The Lego Movie” (2014) and it’s forthcoming sequel and releases such as LEGO Dimensions. It’s not just the only way you’ll ever get to see such an extraordinary collection of famous movie characters together, it’s the PERFECT way. We can see an awful lot of parents getting these packs for their kids and spending hours immersed in the worlds themselves.

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