January brings with it another Mystery Box from the fine folks over at Geek Fuel, and NerdBastards was lucky enough to have one of those boxes sent to review. Now in a world where there is a subscription box for almost anything, the question is how does this compare to the rest of them? Well, it may not have the name Loot Crate on it, but they’ve gone and become a league of their own. From the look things, Geek Fuel is a solid subscription service. The key is to offer something that none of the other companies do, and Geek Fuel does the job. So, if you’re curious to know what was in this month’s Mystery Box, then check things out after the jump.

The cool thing about these Mystery Boxes is that not everyone is the same. So here is what got sent to the NerdBastards. First up was this really cool t-shirt. It’s a cool timeline with the phrase, “A Brief History Of Time Travel.” And as you can see, it includes some of the most famous time machines in history. Of course the time line begins with H.G. Wells’ Time Machine and ends with the Hot Tub Time Machine. It’s quite clever. The best part was the shirt came in an extra large, but that’s because Geek Fuel asks you what your shirt size is when you subscribe. So it should fit some of the husky folks out there, and for the petite, you have plenty of room to make edits.

geek fuel january tshirt
The next item is this cool retro tin filled with candy. Our tin was a pixelated Link that came with tiny sour candies in the shape of swords. The candies were surprisingly delicious as the entire bag was quickly devoured once opened. Other Mystery Boxes found Mario tins filled with mints. With no more candy to store, this tin will most likely carry some dice around for spontaneous games of Magic: The Gathering – because you always need dice for that game.

geek fuel january tin 4
Also included in the box was this Umbrella Corporation pin. It’s a neat little token to add to your collection.

geek fuel january umbrella corp pin
Then there was this beautiful item. It’s a poster for a comic-con to be held on Jakku. Do you think they’ll have enough hotel space unlike San Diego Comic Con? Also, the price of admission seems reasonable. However, 60 portions for a fast pass might be a little too much.

geek fuel january jakku poster
What is probably the pièce de résistance – a Flash coffee mug. It does this clever parody of the Starbucks label, but this is much cooler. This is something you’ll want to bring to work and show off to all of your friends. There’s no doubt it will make you coolest kid at the office.

geek fuel january flash mug
Finally, some other little tid bits in the box were an entry into their Flash themed give away. And  there was even a code for the game Metro Warp on Steam. Metro Warp is a 3D puzzle game about pedestrians that can only turn left. The point of the game is to help them find the exit of each stage. This is done by placing obstacles in their way and directing them to it.

As usual, everything came packed inside a shoe-sized box line with Geek Fuel themed paper. There was a card that displayed what potential items were included in January Mystery Boxes as well as a small magazine highlighting the items and some of the people who have taken photos of themselves with Geek Fuel items. This month’s magazine featured a story on The Flash, a short Q&A with cosplayer Ani-Mia, and an interview with A Monster To Love. The magazine also goes a little more in-depth with some of the items found in this month’s box.

Overall, this was a pretty cool month to be a member of Geek Fuel, especially if you’re a fan of The Flash. To sign up for your own subscription, then check out the options available via the Geek Fuel website. Subscriptions start at a monthly rate of $23.90 and go up to a year which averages out to $19.90 a box per month. Each box is guaranteed to contain a value of $50 or more.

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