Deadpool fever is reaching maximum engagement right now, with the movie’s release less than two weeks away.  Star Ryan Reynolds has been releasing several hilarious videos over the last few months, breaking the “fourth wall” and having Deadpool chat directly with the audience about a variety of topics.  Recently, though, Deadpool’s creative team has been using the character and his snarky attitude as a force for good, via funny-yet-serious public service announcements.  The newest entry into the series tackles a serious subject in a very Deadpool-y way: it’s a breast cancer PSA.

Not too long ago, Reynolds & the red suit spoke to the gentlemen of the world about testicular cancer awareness, so we had a sneaking suspicion that the ladies’ turn wasn’t far behind.  Sure enough, here’s the newest gem from the “Merc with a Mouth” mine:

I appreciate how Deadpool/Reynolds turned the “serious” portion of the video over to an instructional assistant – as if he knew that there are just some things that even he can’t properly convey.

While all of these mini-videos have certainly been fun to watch for a few minutes, most of nerd-dom is officially ready for the feature film to be unleashed upon the world.  The good news is: we don’t have much longer to wait.  Deadpool opens in US theaters on February 12.

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