If you’re a fan of The NeverEnding Story, then you’ve dreamed of riding Falkor, the luck dragon. Knowing a number of hardcore The NeverEnding Story fans, one might think this NerdBastard would have know that one can ride the actual Falkor from the first film at Bavaria Films in Munich, Germany. Somehow that never came up, or they just didn’t know about it, until now.

Have you ever found out something and thought to yourself, “How the hell did I not know this?” That’s what this NerdBastard’s morning has been like, one thing after another. While cruising the Internet this morning looking for interesting stories to bring you, this attraction popped up in a friends feed.

The majority of The NeverEnding Story was filmed in Germany and Bavaria Films has the only remaining Falkor prop from the first film, used for side shots.


You can ride Falkor and get your picture taken as part of the tour that includes other film props from films made in Germany like Das Boat, and Big Game with Samuel L. Jackson. There are other The NeverEnding Story creatures and props there as well.






Now that you know about it, it’s only a matter of working out how to get over to Germany somehow.

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