Westerns and the Supernatural seem to make a great mix, stories of gunsmiths and gun-slingers, coming face-to-face with the things that go bump in the night and have taken root in a violent new continent, lawmen going up against evils from the Old World and all that hoodoo and voodoo, that those genres do. All that adds up and makes us tentatively intrigued to see what SyFy‘s newest Western/Supernatural series, Wynnona Earphas in store for us…


SyFy, looking to add some demon killing into the network’s existing line-up, choose Wynnona Earp, the adaptation of the Image Comics series of the same name. Keeping with the usual Image fare, Beau Smith‘s comic book series featured a lot of partial nudity, freestyle gun-slinging, kung-fu, and a large roster of colorful antagonists ranging from Hillbilly Goblins to Zombie Mailmen. Wynnona Earp‘s run ended abruptly when the publisher decided to drop it, but the series made enough of an impact to get a proper cult following started.


According to the show’s official synopsis:

After years on the run and in juvenile detention, Wynonna Earp is finally coming home. The only problem is no one back home wants her to return. But when she becomes the town’s only hope of eradicating mysterious demons, Wynonna must choose which side of the law she wants to fight on in order to clear the name of her legendary great-grandfather Wyatt Earp once and for all.

We are guessing that the series will attempt to remain as faithful to the source material as possible and that SyFy will have to get creative with the budgets, especially considering how they will have to portray the rag-tag group of weirdos that make up the Monster Squad, the US Marshall’s branch of supernatural law enforcement. Keep your fingers crossed on whether the network will do a good job pulling off the Egyptian Mafia’s mummy hitman, Raduk, Eater Of The Dead, who was by far one of the series’ most captivating antagonists.

If not, then hey: at least Melanie Scrofano, the actress tasked to portray the titular character seems to be having fun. Let’s hope that catches viewers attention. You can watch the series’ teaser trailer here:

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