Cross overs are a wonderful thing. When they’re done right, you get glorious canonical cross-franchise action (a la Spawn Vs Batman), provided either party can sort through the mountain of legal implications. When they are handled by loving nerds however, you get glorious mashups of things like the most popular Space Opera series ever made. Kind of like YouTube User VG 934, being the incorrigible Whovian fan that he is, saw the potential in a subtle Star Wars/Doctor Who mashup and simply rolled with it, with excellent results…


The mashup stars reboot champion Christopher Eccleston, reprising his brief role as the Ninth Doctor, as he and Billie Piper begin their long journey across time and space and also nerd-dom’s second most will-they-won’t-they relationship. We have to hand it to VG 934, however, for picking some of our favorite bits from the show’s reboot: from the reimagined resurgence of the Daleks, the reveal of the spanking new TARDIS and the little nods toward fan favorite episodes like The Empty Child and Bad Wolf.

But the downright best bit about everything in this mashup is how much effort VG 934 has obviously gone through, cherry-picking the best bits of dialogue to compliment the Force Awakens trailer music. We know we’re probably asking for a lot, but we think that this kind of thing should be done way more often than it actually is.

So strap yourselves into your multi-dimensional Gallifreyan vessel of choice and prepare for some bull-hockey science. It’s time for some YouTube Gold!


Source: io9

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