In just a few days, the Super Bowl will hit the airwaves to an audience of millions. Ironically enough, instead of the game itself, many people will be tuning in just to watch the commercials. On any other day, most people skip commercials with ad-blocking software or fast-forwarding their DVRs. However, Super Bowl ads are practically engineered to warrant the audience’s attention with wacky slapstick, tear-jerking sentiment, and, of course, celebrities. If you’re a proud member of the 78% of Americans who just watch the Super Bowl for these commercials, comedic duo Key and Peele have a special treat for you this year.

Content management system Squarespace announced today that, in addition to starring in a standard advertisement for them, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele will be providing live commentary for the whole game using the company’s website hosting platform. In a livestream starting this Sunday (2/7) at 6pm EST, the comedians will be commenting on the game in-character as two overzealous sports fans named Lee and Morris. However, there is one major catch.

The whole concept behind the stunt, according to Squarespace, is that “[Lee and Morris have] pooled their resources together and set up a website on Squarespace for the live broadcast, with one massive oversight—they don’t have the rights to talk about the actual game. They decide to move forward with the plan anyway,” says a press release announcing the stunt. In other words, the comedic possibilities of two characters trying to comment on a game they can’t legally mention are pretty much endless.

Squarespace recently told Adweek that the livestream will be mostly (if not completely) ad-libbed by Key and Peele. If they need more content to work with during the livestream, a creative team will be on hand to provide it.

The company added that the purpose of this ad campaign is to show how their services can allow anybody to fulfill their creative online ambitions. Overall, the company says that: “It’s sure to be a strange, hilarious, and totally improvised evening with two of the greatest acts in comedy today. This once-in-a-lifetime event will never again be aired in its entirety.”

In addition to promoting Squarespace, this event is an opportunity to show off Key and Peele’s unbeatable comedic chemistry, even after the end of their eponymous Comedy Central show. It also serves as promotion for Keanu, the duo’s film debut about two guys saving an adorable kitten from violent gang members. It’s basically a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Those who wanted to hear the duo roast Peyton Manning will likely be disappointed. On the other hand, though, Key and Peele’s stream may finally give non-sports fans a reason to watch the game in its entirety. They may not be able to comment on the actual game, but they ways in which they avoid discussing it are bound to be absolutely hysterical. It is sure to be a “nooice” night to be a Key and Peele fan.

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