STOP!!! If you have not caught up on season 11 of Supernatural it is highly recommended that you stop reading and turn around. If you continue on, you will see spoilers from the most recent episodes that will ruin your viewing pleasure. Last chance……3…..2…..1…. Okay.


So going into last night’s episode, Lucifer had taken over Castiel’s body and broken into the bunker looking for information. Viewers still aren’t sure what information he is actually looking for. He TOLD Dean he was looking for information on Amara, but the fact that he is supposed to be an expert at dealing with God’s sister throws that statement into doubt.

Sam has shown signs of regret this season. Regret that he didn’t look for Dean in Purgatory, regret that he left a normal life of college to hunt with his brother, and regret that when he was handed a second chance at a normal life he walked away from it again.

Dean should signs of being vulnerable last week when the boys took on a banshee. They discovered that banshee attack the vulnerable and assumed that it meant physically vulnerable. However, when the banshee returned, she went after Dean causing Sam to question him, and of course receive pretty little lies to keep him unconcerned. Viewers will be disappointed that they didn’t receive any answers to why he is vulnerable in this week’s episode. Check out past reviews for more information.



So the fandom rejoiced last tonight as Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) returned to the screen being her incredible hard ass self. She is still caring for Claire Novak (Kathryn Newton) and Alex (Katherine Ramdine). Alex has changed a great deal since she was last seen. Fans will remember that Alex was a shacked up with a nest a vampires. They were using her to lure unsuspecting men from bars to their home for feeding purposes. She was very good at her job. The boys and Jody saved her from the next, and by save it is of course meant that they beheaded the whole nest and Jody took her in. She is now doing well in school and dating the most popular boy there.

Unfortunately, Claire hasn’t adapted so well. Claire is, of course, the biological daughter of Jimmy Novak. Jimmy was the original owner of Castiel’s vessel. His soul was sent to heaven several seasons ago at which time Cas took up permanent residency in the vessel that is now inhabited by Lucifer as well. Claire has decided she is going to be a hunter and has caused quite a bit of trouble for Jody in the process. The three of them are all living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Sam and Dean get a call and head to Sioux Falls. They are going to help out with a hunt. When they arrive it is a large surprise to Jody. She and Alex are happy to see them, but not sure why they are there. Claire is the one who called and she believes there are monsters but Jody isn’t so sure. She seems to feel like Claire is the boy who cried wolf one to many times.


The boys aren’t upset by their visit, as a matter of fact, they are more than happy to be with Jody and the girls. Jody, of course, feeds them, which is why they were happy to be there. Everyone is discussing the monsters until Claire gets tired of being called a liar and turns the conversation on to Alex. A hilarious exchange ensues about birth control and sex. The lack of comfort for the boys makes for hilarity.

Every one decides that there aren’t monsters and they are just going to visit, until the chemistry teacher is found duct taped to the top of the flag pole. Enter the FBI guys. Claire tries to get involved with the investigation. Dean has a heart to heart talk about how good Claire has it with Jody. Claire walks away and allows the guys and Jody to continue with the investigation. They determine that it isn’t a ghost or demon, but suspect the janitor. When they investigate and find out that he has a fake social security number, they begin to suspect he is involved with the murder.

Dean heads off to locate the janitor, Sam heads to the school. Jody and Claire have a meeting with the registrar at the local college in hopes of him allowing Claire to stay. As they are getting into the truck to head to the meeting, they are jumped by the janitor. He kidnaps both of them, but not before Jody is able to alert Dean to what is happening. Dean contacts Sam to tell him what is going on. He then contacts Alex because the janitor is a vampire. He tells her to stay where she is and he will pick her up. She ends up kidnapped as well.

The guys trace the vamps to an abandoned building on the school campus. There is also three other people in the building that the vamps had kidnapped. They are the people who went missing and alerted Claire to the monsters. All three of the girls are there and the guys charge in to save them.

Sam gets beat by one of the vamps. A large fight ensues. While Sam is fighting with one of the vamps, Claire manages to get herself untied and helps Jody. She distracts the vampire from Alex and Dean ends him.

The boys have a nice discussion with the girls about how much Jody does for them. Alex’s world has been turned upside down again, and she has to find her way back to normalcy. Dean gets Claire to promise that hunting will get put on hold until she is properly trained. Jody has promised to train her in the art of investigation. Jody loads the boys up with homemade food and they head off into the sunset.


It was fantastic to see Jody back in action, as well as see how the girls were managing. When the vampires attacked her, fans were arguably worried that the writers had decided to kill off the last remaining strong female character. Viewers can rejoice in the fact that Jody Mills is still going strong. She showed that you can be a career woman, a tough mother, and an all-around badass.

It was also nice to see a parental side to the guys. They have always shown concern for each other and those that they believed belonged to them, for example Cas, Charlie, Kevin and Bobby. It seems that they have extended their family unit to include Alex and Claire as well.

It was also great to see the guys getting back to what they do best. While they took on the banshee last week, this week felt more ‘normal’ that last week. The guys seem to be finding their grove again, remembering what the family business is all about. This is great to see after getting the floor wiped up with them against Amara and Lucifer. They seem to be working together as a team again, which after last season and the separation of the Mark of Cain, that should be pleasing to the fandom.

There are still a million unanswered questions. What is Lucifer up to, where is Amara? Did Sam and Dean just help train another generation of hunters in Claire? Only time will tell in the next few weeks. So find somewhere that sells an awesome Elvis and tuck in.

Don’t You Forget About Me” Overall Grade – A

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