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Uber sounds like a great concept on paper. All you have to do is download an app on your phone and you can request a ride whenever you want. On the other hand, getting a lift in some random guy’s car and chucking the concept of “stranger danger” out the window is naturally problematic. Ever request a ride from Uber and wound up with a driver who seems suspicious? Perhaps he was a passive-aggressive guy who treated you like his ex-girlfriend. Perhaps he smelled like cheap weed and tequila. Perhaps he isn’t even a real Uber driver and just faked being one to kidnap you. 

In a recent post on Instagram, Kevin Smith’s daughter Harley Quinn Smith revealed that she was almost kidnapped by men posing as Uber drivers. According to Smith, she was standing outside of a Starbucks in Brentwood California waiting for an Uber Driver to pick her up. Two white guys then pulled up with an Uber sign on their car who, according to Smith, looked like “two disgusting dudes.” When she asked them if they drove for Uber, they refused to answer her and demanded that she got in the vehicle. Fortunately, Smith was smart enough to high-tail it out of there and contact the police.

Smith stated on her Instagram: “Protect yourself and never ever get in a car without checking that it’s the correct car first!!!” She is also calling on her followers to find out more information about the two men and have the cuffs slapped on them. Say what you want about Kevin Smith’s recent movies, but he sure did raise a smart kid.

Her father, glad that his daughter is safe, gave his daughter a chocolate cake that had the phrase, “sorry, men suck” written in red frosting. Why? Because as we all know, all problems can be solved with a good slice of cake. Smith shared a picture of the cake on her Instagram page stating:

“Just when I was about to lose faith in humanity after almost being kidnapped today, my dad got me this cake and made me remember that some people, like himself, make the world a lot better :)”

Harley Quinn Smith is currently set to star in Moose Jaws, Kevin Smith’s follow-up film to the polarizing Tusk and Yoga Hosers. The film is apparently a horror-comedy like Jaws, but with a moose. After this experience though, Kevin Smith should consider making his next horror-comedy about demonic shapeshifters who pose as Uber drivers. Now that’s something people would love to see.

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