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Stan Lee’s Lucky Man may well be finding it’s feet on the basis of this week’s third episode in which Harry Clayton gets to do some proper television detecting and solve a case in 45 minutes. As a police procedural it’s fine but with not much luck from his magic bangle, just what sort of Stan Lee show is this? 


Last week saw Harry mightily confused and trying to unravel the mystery of Freddy Lau’s murder. Chief suspect Kevin Gray had been caught and confessed not only to Lau’s killing but to that of stripper Kayleigh also, a crime Harry is sure he didn’t do. Why? And how did a lowlife like Gray employ Harry’s very expensive barrister ex, thus also eliminating Harry from any further investigation?

Thankfully, this convoluted storyline is pretty much put on the back burner for a regular crime-of-the-week tale involving diamonds, robberies, good detective work and the odd chase here and there. As for Harry’s magic bangle, it’s almost ignored. It may or may or have summoned a magpie – a bloody magpie! – to get Harry’s attention to a clue. Ditto with endowing our plucky detective with the strength to knock a motorcycle thief down. And did it also give him the knowledge of the whereabouts of the missing multi-million pound diamond? And if so, how is that luck and not mere foresight?


Mystery babe Eve again pops up out of the blue to deliver more plot points and awful dialogue, letting drop that she knew in advance of a Hatton Garden diamond robbery and that ‘someone’ is running ‘everything’. Aren’t they always? Oh, that someone also killed her mother. “You don’t know me!” implores Harry. “I do. And you know me” she replies before walking off. Speak some sense woman! Why do you let her walk away every time Harry? Why don’t you arrest her? Presumably because the whole show would then be explained.

Back at the station, Big Bastard Boss Winter is still out to crush Harry and is still spouting back-story nuggets of information to let us know that these two have a bad history. The Orwellian-named Detective Inspector Orwell has more to do this week but still looks shifty but it’s Amara Karan’s DS Chohan who really shines, mourning the death of her lover but not letting that stop her wanting to crack the case. She visits Lau’s Green Dragon casino where daughter Lily-Anne roams, prowls and purrs menacingly and discovers the roulette table where Harry won thousands after being given the bracelet by Eve in episode one is, in fact, rigged as part of a money laundering scam.


And thus we’re asked to question whether this bangle really does have superpowers after all. Aside from Harry discovering it’s possible Chinese, steeped-in-myth heritage, and that not even an angle grinder can mark it, let alone get it off his wrist, has perhaps all of his amazing luck so far be simply that? Just run of the mill, average luck, combined with good police work?  If so that would make the show a simple police thriller and not really worthy of Stan Lee’s name at the top, nor our time invested in it. But on that basis, probably not.

Whatever, there’s enough going on here and myriad questions with plot that needs to be dealt with to make this a really rather enjoyable hour come Friday nights. The one-episode crime combined with the bigger story weaving in and out shows this could have some longevity, as long as enough mystery is maintained. It’s not deep, it’s not dark but as end-of-the-week fodder, it is sort of perfect. A word of warning however. Harry runs again in this episode. His bangle can’t fix his bandy knees it seems.

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