If there was any doubt on whether or not Deadpool would live up to its monstrous hype, early critical reviews can allow fans to rest easy. Reviews so far have lauded the Merc with a Mouth’s first movie for delivering everything it promised too: action-packed excitement, fourth wall demolition, and a hilarious screenplay that is not suitable for little Timmy and little Suzy. Perhaps one of the biggest praises of Deadpool is its inventive approach to the now-commonplace superhero genre.  Critics have called it a loving satire to the genre, as it lampoons several of its tropes. Of course, what would a movie like this be without a kickass post credits scene? Almost every modern superhero movie has one. Well the good news is that Deadpool will feature not one, but TWO post-credits scenes. 

Responding to Ain’t It Cool News’ writer Alan Cerny’s public suggestion to stay after Deadpool’s credits, Deadpool creator Robert Liefeld posted this comment on twitter:

In addition, Deadpool co-writer Rhett Reese tweeted:

As it turns out, critics who have seen the film early have only gotten to see one post-credits scene. These screening copies intentionally left out the second scene that Reese and Liefeld are referring to.

This isn’t the first time that early screenings left out a post-credits scene. Back in 2012, the famous shawarma scene from The Avengers was shot days before it hit theaters and was as a pleasant surprise to audiences everywhere.

So what will Deadpool’s second post-credits scene involve? As funny as it would be to seen Deadpool steal the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos, that isn’t likely to happen in a 20th Century Fox film. More likely than not, it will be a scene that will leave audience laughing, cheering or both. It’ll hopefully be a nice surprise… just as long as some jackass doesn’t spoil it on Facebook.

Deadpool is set to hit theaters this Friday on February 12th.

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