Deadpool opens in theaters this Friday, and Nerd Bastards has posted not just one, but two, reviews of the highly anticipated anti-hero, superhero movie. Obviously, we’re all looking forward to the film, but there’s an important question that we all need answered before walking into the cinema at the end of the week: Does Rob Liefeld get credit for co-creating Deadpool? In a Facebook post, Liefeld discussed how he managed to secure a credit for himself and writer Fabian Nicieza for co-creating Deadpool in The New Mutants #98, but because this is Rob Liefeld we’re talking about, the situation has not gone without controversy.

On his Facebook page, Liefeld discussed how he was able to reach out to Deadpool director Tim Miller, after getting rebuffed by 20th Century Fox, in order to secure an on screen credit for himself and Nicieza in the movie.

Sooooooo many of you have been very nice and concerned asking over these months wether I would receive a credit on the Deadpool film. I can tell you the answer is an unequivocal YES. But that’s the simple version, the how and the why is where the story got interesting. Weeks ago, middle of December, I saw a cut of the film and there were no creator credits. I immediately contacted someone at Fox and very politely asked if myself and Fabian Nicieza could receive a based on a comic characters or created by credit. After being passed through different channels I reached out to the director, Tim Miller and he said he would handle it and he was a man of his word and a stand up guy and added a shout out for myself and Fabian at the end of the credit listings. Let’s not kid ourselves, the studios are giant monolithic machines with hundreds of moving parts and their priorities are not always in line with comic book guys. And they likely never will be. Their priority is making and promoting a film. And that film has a thousand moving parts. But I thought it was important for the families to see their Dad’s with a credit and now they will and I know Tim was the influencer that pushed it through and honored my request. I sent the exchanges back and forth as it was happening to Mr. Nicieza so he would know. After the fact I was enlightened as to how many comic films don’t even mention the creators in any capacity and as I said, it’s a small tag at the end, but it matters. It’s part of the film. Both Fabian and I participated in documentary footage that will be part of the DVD. Tim Miller is a comic book guy, he has a vast comic book collection and is a genuine fan of the medium. I learned this up close and personal over the last 6 years.

I’m not writing this to instigate a “Hey, they should give you guys priority.” Save it. Please don’t share that. Don’t bother. We are still in the infancy of comic book films taking over and every little step matters. In the real world if you want to participate in one of these giant productions, you have to jump on the train as it leaves the station! I made some great connections with Fox execs in San Diego comic con this year. Still hustling after all these years! Got to!

Enjoy the film as it rolls out this week. You would never ever suspect that Tim Miller is making his first film. It is as accomplished as the work of a seasoned vet! DEADPOOL!!

The prominent mention of Nicieza was nice to see, but it was a radically different tone for Liefeld from a February 5 article in the New York Times called “Deadpool: Meet the Prime Mover Behind the Mercenary,” in which Liefeld said that when it came to creating Deadpool he did “all the heavy lifting” and that “If a janitor scripted New Mutants 98, he’d be the co-creator — that’s how it works, buddy. Deadpool does not exist in any way, shape or form without me.”

Obviously, this caused several comic book writers like Dan Slott, Kurt Busiek and Mark Waid to come to Nicieza’s defense, with furious anger in some cases, but Nicieza himself commented on the matter on Twitter Monday saying that it’s much ado about nothing.

Deadpool will be in theaters everywhere this Friday.

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