Who needs box office numbers when you’ve got mostly positive early reviews and a kick-ass marketing scheme?  Not the folks at 20th Century Fox, apparently, as according to a new report, they have already given the green-light for a Deadpool sequel, days before the first film has even been released to the public.

According to the report from the trusted Hollywood Reporter, Deadpool script writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are already hard at work on a script for the sequel, a film that “insiders” have said is already a “go” from the studio.  While hardly a surprising move, given Deadpool’s ridonkulous advance buzz, studios rarely give an official go-ahead to start work on the next installment of a film series until at least after the first film’s opening weekend, just to be on the safe side.  Whether this inside report is that of a true green-light or simply a case of a studio paying for a script treatment, only time will tell for sure.  More importantly: could this script incorporate fellow Marvel superhero outfit X-Force, with whom Deadpool has a loose affiliation?  Recently, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds went on record as saying that an X-Force-centric story would be a “top priority” for the cinematic future of Deadpool.

Box office analysts are projecting Deadpool to open with a $65-$70 million opening-weekend intake, likely helped by the fact that the film gets to open on a holiday weekend.  A bonkers marketing campaign has helped raise awareness for the tale about “The Merc With the Mouth,” Marvel’s most irreverent superhero.  The large majority of critics who have seen the film are praising it; here at NerdBastards, we had two of our critics take in an advance screening.  One review was overwhelmingly positive, while the other was a bit more critical.

You can judge for yourself soon enough, fair reader!  Deadpool opens nationwide this weekend: officially on Thursday, February 12th.

via: The Hollywood Reporter

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