Deadpool came, Deadpool went, Deadpool stewed in development hell for a while and now, finally, we have the first R-rated superhero movie in our hands, which, according to the evidence we have in our hands, is proving to be as much of a hit as we expected. Ryan Reynolds, the Canadian comedian who portrayed the Merc With The Mouth, struggled with FOX for years to make this movie happen and now, with his best efforts realized, is already speculating on a sequel. And that sequel is looking mighty Liefeld

During the interview, Ryan Reynolds has a tiny nerdgasm on the 2 minute mark, gushing about how Deadpool made him think that:

“This is the only superhero suit I’ve wanted to put on since 2005”


The actor goes on to detail his personal campaign to get this movie made for a while now, starting with subtle nudges toward FOX promising an overwhelmingly positive fan reaction to a live-action film of the Internet’s Favorite Anti-Hero and how he even went so far as to invent the hashtag #whynotdeadpool as a response to every unsuccessful superhero film made by the studio. Now, with the prospected of a Deadpool 2 sequel looking mighty lucrative for FOX, the actor teased us with the following tidbit:

“In the future, if we’re doing a bunch more Deadpool movies, we’re gonna really explore the X-Men a lot. And maybe X-Force. X-Force is really my priority. I really want to get that in.”


This cinches a previous buzz that was going on Twitter, started by some posts made by 90’s comic book Nickelback equivalent, Rob Liefeld, back when X-Men: Days Of Future Past was released. Apparently, the movie’s teasing of Apocalypse and the associated plot-related temporal reboot served to ruin the possibility of getting an X-Force movie realized within the FOX Universe continuity.


However, with Deadpool being one of the major members of the team’s makeup and with the Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead cameos in the film, you have to wonder: could an X-Force actually get made, after all? If you are not familiar with the team, here’s a quick rundown: created by the Nicieza-Liefeld team, X-Force was a covert group of mutants, led by Wolverine, with the express purpose of serving as a small black ops unit that would kill Apocalypse. Since its first appearance in New Mutants #100, the team has boasted such members as Spiral, Storm, Bishop and the original ‘IDDQD’ mutant, Cable. Together, they have stopped the end of the world, prevented a dystopian alternate future from invading our present and (temporarily) created a new mutant-based religion.

Granted, the X-Force are a much more grim and morally ambiguous lot than the X-Men, but with the new R-Rated precedent that Deadpool has set for superhero movies, perhaps we will get to see the black-ops team happen, after all.


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