Both from a production and presentation standpoint, television is a very different medium from the world of comic books.  Whether it is CW’s DC-centric shows like Arrow and Flash or shows from different decades (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman always springs to mind, for some reason), a sense of real-world practicality is usually infused to a TV production – and understandably so.  It is with this in mind, then, that the highly-acclaimed Netflix offering Daredevil tried to stay as “true to life” as possible, and this  approach extended to the titular hero’s “super” costume.  As we are now on the brink of the second season being released, the powers-that-be behind the show have chosen to share a few alternate designs they had for the “Man Without Fear.”

Fans didn’t actually get to see Daredevil in his “real” costume until the final episode of the first season – he wore amateur-style black clothing and padding throughout most of the season, adding to the realistic, “man on a mission” vibe the show was going for.  The new costume is a blend of black and red elements where the comic version has long been predominantly a brighter shade of red.  Show concept artist Josh Nizzi has given us a look at two other designs that were on the table for Matt Murdock’s snazzy new appearance.  Check them out:



Sporting two pretty different looks, the first is a clear “crossover” take on the comic version of the Daredevil costume, down to the “DD” logo on the chest.  The second is a much closer version of what audiences finally saw on screen at the end of the first season.  One wonders if, during the design and production phase, any of the showrunners has an inkling that The Punisher would be making an appearance in the second season; knowing that Murdock would have to take some pretty sever poundings may have led to the decision to go with a more armor-like suit.  it’s also interesting to note that Nizzi’s designs are annotated as “V01” and “V08,” inferring that there are lots more alternative design takes that we likely have not seen yet.

The second season of Daredevil comes to Netflix on March 18th of this year, when the entire second season will be released.

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