If there has been any Nintendo franchise deserving of a revival, it is Star Fox. The vulpine fighter pilot hasn’t had his own game for almost a decade, and fans have been asking for another one ever since. That’s why the announcement of a new Star Fox game at E3 2014 was regarded as a symbol of hope for the franchise. Star Fox Zero was originally set for release for the 2015 holiday season; however, due to an alleged lack of polish, the game was delayed to this April. At first this seemed like no big deal; Nintendo’s commitment to quality over release deadlines has put it above its competition over the years. Unfortunately, a new rumor suggests that fans may have to wait even longer for the game – and not only that, but the game itself needs more than just a little tweaking.

Game researcher Liam Robertson of DidYouKnowGaming has come forth with some alleged inside information regarding Star Fox Zero’s development. In a series of Twitter posts, Robertson suggested that Nintendo of Europe’s quality assurance team has been scrambling to get the game ready for testing. If it passes, Nintendo will proceed with its April release. If not, the team will request a delay. While this is a rumor, Robertson is considered to be a reliable source for Nintendo news, previously revealing titles like Mini Mario & Friends and Factor 5’s Kid Icarus reboot.

According to Robertson:

“If Star Fox Zero doesn’t pass QA, they can make a recommendation to NCL to delay it. They have about 2 weeks to get it ready for certif[ication]. I really hope (and sort of expect) that they will delay Star Fox again until they get it right. We’ve still seen so little of it too.”

Robertson additionally spoke to Nintendo Life, suggesting that the main issue regarding the game was the motion controls, adding that the project as a whole felt “disjointed.” Star Fox Zero’s motion controls did receive a generally mixed response at E3 2015, so it’s really no wonder why the game needs more tweaking. Despite Shigeru Miyamoto’s defense of the game’s controls, Nintendo may have to scale back on them in order to make the game more playable. The last thing we need is for bad controls to get in the way of doing a barrel roll.

Unlike other companies, Nintendo wouldn’t knowingly put out a broken game just to meet some release date. Mario Maker was delayed last year, and it turned out to be amazing. This isn’t the first time a Nintendo game has been delayed twice, either. Smash Bros. Brawl’s release was delayed twice before it hit shelves. It’s like Robertson said: it’s better for Nintendo to properly finish the game than to rush it for release. We don’t want another Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric on our hands.

via: Nintendo Life

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