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If you were lucky enough to catch last night’s episode of The Flash live, then you were one of the many that caught Melissa Benoist’s cameo as Supergirl. Okay, so it wasn’t a live cameo, but it was good enough to tease the eventual crossover that’s happening in March. Today, Flash star Grant Gustin posted a photo on Instagram of he and Benoist in costume. On paper, the crossover sounds awesome. But when you finally see it…well, just take a look for yourself.

Seeing those two symbols together is so cool. Based on what was seen during last night’s episode of The Flash, it seems that Supergirl will come from another version of Earth. This seems to be the only downside of the entire project. Not having her in the same reality as Barry means that audiences won’t get any constant references between the shows (something which makes the Flash/Arrow crossovers fun to watch). It also means anything or anyone having to do with Arrow won’t be seen or heard of on the show as well. Could someone photoshop Stephen Amell in his Arrow costume over the guy in the middle? Thanks. Much appreciated.

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Last week, Gustin also posted this photo to Instagram. The title of the crossover will be “Worlds Finest.” It’s important to note the grammar used in the title. Typically, there’s an apostrophe used before the “S” in this phrase, but this title seems to refer to plural worlds, thus most likely confirming that these characters come from different Earths. As of right now, no other plot details about the episode are known.

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Supergirl airs every Monday at 8 PM EST on CBS. The episode “Worlds Finest” will be the 18th episode and is scheduled to air on March 18th.

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