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Where do you even begin to discuss this week’s episode? This could have easily been a season finale. Instead, it’s just another Tuesday in the world of The Flash. This week’s episode, titled “Welcome To Earth-2,” has so many Easter Eggs and “wow” moments that some are definitely going to be missed. The best part is that there’s more to the story and this wasn’t just some one-episode-wonder. So if you’re ready to jump through the rift and find out what happened on The Flash, then keep reading.

As usual, this will be your only warning regarding spoilers. And there are a lot of them in this week’s episode. Take a minute to think about it then when you’re ready, keep on going. This week, to prevent you from seeing things you didn’t want to, here is a random picture of a unicorn.


When we last left Barry and the team, they had decided to let Wells go and return with him to Earth-2. Well the time has finally come to make the trip over, but before they do that, Barry has some last minute things to take care of. One of which includes going around Central City and closing all of the rifts except for the one inside of STAR Labs. Afterwards, he, Joe, and Iris sit down for some dinner. There, Iris double checks with Barry to make sure he’s not diving head first into this mission because he feels he has nothing left on this world. But for the first time, there’s a pause between the two and it’s almost like Iris wants to tell him that he still has her.

Eventually, Barry, Cisco, and Harry make the jump to Earth-2. And when they arrive, it seems to catch them off guard because up is down and black is white. Not in the literal sense, but, simply put, they’re not on Earth-1 anymore. Their first encounter with the opposite side was when Barry and Cisco run into a familiar face, Henry Hewitt. For those of you who may have forgotten, Hewitt was a former lab assistant with anger issues. The look on Cisco and Barry’s faces is priceless.

flash 2x13 henry hewitt shows up
The trio settle down in Wells’ office where they hear news reports about Mayor Snart and see Barry’s doppelganger on television. Barry then has the idea to kidnap his Earth-2 version and become him for the day in order to gain access to the CCPD. There he encounters Det. Iris West as well as her partner Lloyd Flawton who is a terrible shooter. He even manages to cross paths with Captain Singh’s other self. Then, in a surprise move, Iris pulls Barry aside and kisses him, revealing that the two are married on this version of Earth.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Central City 2.0, Killer Frost makes an appearance along with Deathstorm. The two catch a couple of bank robbers, but for the wrong reasons. In the end, they rob the robbers, but not before we get to see a great demonstration of the duos powers. Also, the money on Earth-2 is square?

flash 2x13 killer frost and square money
Back at the West-Allen household, Barry gets some news that his mom called. It’s a surreal moment for Barry since his mom died on Earth-1. Afterwards, the couple head into the city for a night out. At the club is Joe West, the lounge singer. A happy Barry greets him, but the feeling is nowhere near mutual. It seems that this version of Joe isn’t too happy that his daughter is a cop and Joe blames Barry for it. The night ends poorly when Killer Frost and Deathstorm show up. Joe gets hit by a fireball, but Barry is able to put a damper on their parade.

On Earth-1, a new villain has appeared – the Geomancer. He’s been causing a ruckus and calling out the Flash, but Barry is a little busy being on a different world. So Joe asks Jay if he could help out. He brings up Velocity-6 but Jay quickly shuts down that idea. He then reveals to Caitlin a big secret that he’s been hiding. Zoom was not the reason he lost his speed. It was due to him taking Velocity-6. It zapped him of his speed and is the reason he’s currently dying. Caitlin comforts him and tells him that she’s going to work on a way to help him out.

flash 2x13 Jay confesses to caitlin
Velocity-7 is a new drug that temporarily give Jay back his speed. But when he attempts to stop Geomancer from destroying the city, he runs out of juice. Luckily, Joe is close by to help Jay out and Geomancer gets away.

Sadly, Joe passes away from his injuries. This results in Barry becoming even more determined to get the job done. He, Cisco, Iris, and Lloyd head to a nearby warehouse to meet with Killer Frost and Deathstorm. However, when confronted, it turns out they don’t directly work for Zoom. Out from the shadows comes Cisco’s doppelganger. On this Earth, he goes by the name of Reverb. He has the same powers, but they are more fine tuned and has some additional ones as well.

flash 2x13 reverbs powers
A fight ensues. Barry looks to be beaten but Killer Frost yells out to remind Reverb and Deathstorm that Zoom wanted him alive. This happens as the two continue to pummel him with fireballs and vibrations. Zoom shows up and he’s angry. Not only did he want Barry alive, but also unharmed. As punishment he kills Deathstorm and Reverb on the spot. Then he takes Barry and speeds off.

Barry wakes up to find himself inside of a plexiglas cell. In the room are other cells. One contains a masked figure knocking on the wall, and the other contains Jesse Wells. He yells to her, “I’m here with your dad. I promise we’re going to get you out of there,” but then Zoom shows up.  And he says to Barry, “It’s not wise to make promises you can’t keep, Flash. Look around. This is the last place you’ll ever see.”

flash 2x13 barry and zoom

This is one of those episodes you’re going to need to watch several times over in order to catch everything. There’s so much to talk about. The best place to start is probably with Earth-2. Up to this point, audiences had only seen glimpses of Earth-2 during flashbacks and other moments. But tonight, fans really got to experience what it was like on the other side. Even more exciting was the trip over there, and thus began the grocery list of Easter Eggs inserted into tonight’s show.

If you were quick enough, then you should have seen images of what looked like Green Arrow, John Wesley Shipp’s version of the Flash, and Supergirl (in reference to the future crossover that will happen in March). Initial thoughts are that these characters exist on other versions of Earth. Could it be possible that some of them exist on the same Earth, but at different points in time? Then there were more images of Gorilla Grodd, Jonah Hex (from a future episode of Legends of Tomorrow), and a Legion of Superheroes ring (What?!).

An interesting tidbit has to be that the style of Earth-2 reflected that of the 1940’s. Especially considering that the technology seems to be more advanced than that of Earth-1. A very cool item was the phone inside Barry and Iris’ house. First of all, they still have a land line. Second, you just need to push a button to call someone. More importantly, did you recognize the names on the phone? There was Bruce, Hal, and Diana. Could those names have belonged to Bruce Wayne, Hal Jordan, and Diana Prince? Remember, Barry isn’t the Flash on this world, so it’s not confirmation. Also, who is Eddie? It also appears that Barry’s parents are separated on this Earth. The phone had a button for “Dad” as well as “Mom & Dad.” The big question is how do you call other people not on that list? Do you have to get another phone?

flash 2x13 barrys phone
Story-wise, tonight’s episode actually felt well paced for a show that contained so much information. However, the only real downside was what was done with Geomancer. Here’s a villain with a cool power, but he is completely under-utilized. If he’s barely going to be in the episode, then why have him at all? In the comics, he’s only shown up a few times and doesn’t make much of an impact. According to reports about Geomancer’s guest spot, he’s actually scheduled to be back in next week’s episode. Still, there is so much going on, they might not use him as much in that episode as well.

flash 2x13 geomancer
Finally, it was a real treat to see the actors play their characters in a different light. Audiences got to see a stronger version of Iris, a nerdy Barry, and a very swagged out Cisco (who went by the alias Reverb). Additional appearances were made by Floyd Lawton (who is a terrible shot even at close range), Captain Singh (who is a criminal), Leonard Snart was mentioned as the mayor of Central City, Henry Hewitt was a nice guy, and Joe West was a lounge singer who hates Barry. The real treat for fans, though, was getting to see Killer Frost and Deathstorm in action.

flash 2x13 killer frost and deathstorm
Aside from the Geomancer problem, this was a great episode to watch. And hopefully it will continue into the next episode.

Welcome to Earth-2” overall grade – A-

The Flash airs every Tuesday on The CW at 8 PM EST. Check out a preview for next week’s episode down below:

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