It was only a matter of time before this happened, to be honest: a talk show about nerds, nerd culture and the latest in pop culture was going to hit the airwaves before long and AMC took the lead after testing the waters with Comic Book Men by announcing Geeking Out, a 30-minute talk show hosted by die-hard nerd Kevin Smith and doomed superhero show producer Greg Grunberg. However, the show is just going to be one of the many other non-fiction (but nerd-themed) talk shows planned by the network for this coming season…


According to the recent announcements regarding the show, Geeking Out‘s first episode will be covering Comic-Con International: San Diego for its first episode, with 8 weekly episodes scheduled for its first season run. It will include the usual talk-show content, with clips from upcoming releases, feature talk, celebrity interviews and out-of-the studio segments. According to Jon Stillerman, president of original programming and development for AMC and SundanceTV:

Kevin and Greg are both true fans of this content, and share a deep passion for talking about it, and engaging other fans about it. But it is their natural chemistry as hosts that really brings this idea together…As part of our growing non-fiction slate, we wanted to create a broadly entertaining venue for hardcore fans and general viewers where we can break down all things fanboy on a weekly basis; and we wanted to bring those fans great interviews and exclusive looks into the world of fanboy culture. We look forward to sharing this highly entertaining duo with our viewers.”

Truth be told, Kevin Smith makes for a great storyteller, especially when he gets a chance to gush about things he loves. We are guessing that after years of warming up with Comic Book Men, he is pretty much pumped to be getting an honest-to-Vurt talk show.

AMC has been my TV family for five seasons of Comic Book Men now, so I know that Geeking Out is in the perfect, fan-friendly network hands…I can’t wait to lose fluids on the airwaves of my favorite channel over the genre gems we’re gonna get insider access to due to gregarious Greg’s bonafides! And to make it even more of a family affair, Geeking Out lets me work with the Weinsteins again – the two guys who started my career 22 years ago! I’m lucky to be working at all, let alone working with friends and family on a dream show where all we do is talk about all the media that makes us moist!”


Alright, so the fluid analogy might be a bit heavy-handed (and slightly gross) there, but at least Mister Smith sounds pumped. On the off-chance that you are unfamiliar with the name, the Weinsteins are Bob and Harvey, the owners of a medium-size studio with tied to Kevin Smith‘s early career, since they were the ones who released the original Clerks movies, as well as the first two legendary slasher films in the Halloween series. Greg Grunberg also weighed in on the hype, by saying:

“I get all my work from my friends. Now it’s time for me to take advantage of those relationships even more…I am going to get every single genre-based writer, director and actor I know to come on our show and geek out with us. And they’re going to thank me for it. I love how Kevin Smith smells and we fit together like two hibernating fan-bears. Thanks to AMC and the Weinsteins, the rest of the world is going to get to see what’s inside our dark, dank geek cave. It’s going to be a fun 30 minutes, if I can just get Kevin to stop talking and smoking.”

Alright, so it all sounds pretty fun, even in light of the dankness and the overall humidity. If Kevin Smith and Greg Grunberg decide to eschew the regular talk-show format and just pull off the feeling that it’s just two geeks having fun, then we’re definitely in for something that’s going to be worth our while. More importantly, however, Geeking Out is going to be just one in a long line of new talk shows that the network has planned, including The Making of the Mob, The American West and special events like the Lennon 75 concert and the forthcoming Ride With Norman Reedus.

The show is being overseen by AMC‘s senior vice president of non-fiction and alternative programming, Elliot Goldberg, Marco Bresaz, vice president of non-fiction and alternative programming and Kelly Nash, director of non-fiction and alternative programming.

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